Zippleback Plant is a tree that appears as a decoration in the game School of Dragons.


The Zippleback Plant appears similar to a bonsai or other specially groomed plant. It has tightly-packed foliage with oblanceolate leaves (oblong with a rounded tip). The image of the Zippleback plant does not show any obvious flowering or fruiting parts. The twin trunks grow twisted, or perhaps have been trained to form a spiral pattern, mimicking the entwined necks of a Hideous Zippleback. It is unclear if that is the plant's natural growth habit or it has been cultured by a human.


The Zippleback Plant is only used for decorative purposes.



School of Dragons

The Zippleback Plant only appears in this game as a decorative object. It can be bought from the shop for 20 gems and placed inside the hideout.


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