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      Zippleback Island was introduced in the game, School of Dragons, in the release of the Expansion "Battle for the Edge".


Zippleback Island is a marshy island. Mountains rise to form a rough ring at the edges of the island with a lake in the island center. The rocks are higher on one edge than the other. There are cliff areas and beach areas.

The island is shrouded in a green haze, which is presumably Zippleback gas or related to it. In the game, the island is brightly illuminated by a full moon.

The game soundtrack for Zippleback Island contains the sounds of birds. The sparse trees on the island are leafless, but have hanging green vines from their branches. The environment is similar to a swamp or mire.



School of Dragons

In the expansion, "Battle for the Edge", early on there is a quest to meet Ruffnut and Tuffnut at Zippleback Island to free a trapped Zippleback. The player also finds a Snaptrapper in a swallow burrow, and learn that the Snaptrapper is camouflaging itself to hunt a spider.



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