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Ziggerastica is a small Nanodragon who believes himself to be a living god. He is the king of the Nanodragons and is small in size, but powerful with his army of Nanodragons. Ziggerastica is an Emperor Beetleboog Bolderbug.


In a Sticky Situation

Ziggerastica was rescued by Hiccup from being eaten by the Fat Consul, after he becomes mired in honey with other live Nanodragons (as the Fat Consul likes various dragon dishes). Hiccup switches him out with an Electricsquirm, shocking the Fat Consul. In a rush, Hiccup stuffs Ziggerastica in his coat pocket. Later in the evening, Ziggerastica cleans the honey off himself inside the pocket, singing the Song of the Nanodragon. Hiccup hears it and investigates. Ziggerastica bites his probing hand, flies out, then introduces himself. He also grudgingly tells Hiccup that he owes him a debt for saving his life and to call his name three times wherever his is at and Ziggerastica will come.

Later, when Hiccup, Fishlegs, and Camicazi are captured by the Romans and cannot escape, Hiccup calls him. Ziggerastica comes and together come up with a plan that will free Hiccup and his friends and also get some revenge on the Fat Consul. At his arrival first, however, Toothless attacks him and pretends to eat him, much to the anger of Ziggerastica.

At a gladiatorial event, Ziggerastica orders his endless number of Nanodragons to lift Hiccup into the air. To other humans it appeared that Hiccup was flying under his own accord, and he was able to fool the Romans into thinking he was the Gode Thor. Ziggerastica and the Nanodragons also chewed loose the bars around the amphitheater allowing them to escape.

Kingmaker Extraordinaire

Ziggerastica appears again on the Island of Tomorrow and helps Hiccup become King of the Wilderwest by having his subjects elevate Hiccup into the air, thus making all the Vikings gathered in Grimbeard's ruined castle believe Hiccup to have been chosen by the gods to be King. Ziggerastica states that he's revolting against Furious's Revolution. Ziggerastica does this because he believes that due to his size, Furious believes he can tell him what to do.

Physical Appearance

As all Nanodragons, Ziggerastica is the size of an insect. He is specifically an Emperor Beetleboog Bolderbug species, which looks a bit like a ladybug - red body with black spots. He has a pair of dragon wings and yellow growths from his head that look like a crown.

He was a handsome beast. No bigger than a grasshopper, he was a gleaming rust-red with flecks of charcoal, and the morning sun shone through his gossamer-thin wings and threw red and black spots all around the room.
  — Book 3  


Ziggerastica has a self-confessed weakness for honey, which led to him almost being eaten by the Fat Consul.


You're so caught up in your own world that you never bother to lower your fat noses to the ground and have a look at what's going on in the Real World!
  — Book 3  
If I didn't owe you a favor, O-Boy-With-Legs-Like-a-Heron, that dragon would be history ...
  — Book 3  
By the way, O-Boy-With-a-Nose-Like-a-Small-Potato, your friends are even unglier than you are! Where did you find these people? Never in my life have I seen anybody who looks so much like a lemon sole ...
  — Book 3  


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