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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

Zephyr's Traps are traps built by Zephyr Haddock in How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming for the purpose of protecting her home and family from dragons.


How to Train Your Dragon: Homecoming

Zephyr thinks dragons are dangerous based on an outdated book she read, so to protect her family and her home she builds multiple traps around the house to capture and possibly even kill them. Her father tries to explain to her that dragons are friends, but she disbelieves him and even convinces her brother to help her build them. However, toward the end of the special, she meets Toothless and discovers that dragons are friendly. Deciding she no longer wants to hurt them, she disengages the last trap before her own family and Gobber enter the house afterward.

Types of Traps

Trap 1

At the start of the special, Hiccup steps outside the house only to be sideswiped by a large log swinging past the front door. It knocks him off the stoop and into the snow, while Zephyr comes out from behind a snow bank excited that her trap worked. While her mother asks what she's doing, Zephyr reels the log back into place with a rope and winch, and Nuffink climbs on to ride it while it continues to swing.

Trap 2

While their parents are talking beside the fire pit on the house's stoop, Nuffink is seen carrying a lit torch inside the house, followed by a large axe, which is too large for him to lift. Conversation heard from outside the house suggests the kids are building something big. Toward the end of the scene, Nuffink puts on a mask to pretend he's a dragon and tries running into the house, but is abruptly stopped and flung into the snow by a log that swung down from above the door frame. Zephyr giggles at her brother in the snow, while Nuffink praises that it worked.

Trap 3

When Hiccup is entering the house, he sees a fish hanging from the rafters by a string. Knowing it was a trap, he pulls on it and ducks out of the way just in time to miss the log that swung in front of the door. But then the log from inside the door pushes him backwards off the stoop, and finally a rope tightens around his leg and pulls him feet first into the house where he wis finally tangled upside down in a net. Zephyr again jumps out in excitement at how well that worked, and despite Hiccup's misfortune, he tells her how proud he is of her. The kids run off to start building yet another trap in the yard, and Astrid runs after them for misbehaving, leaving Hiccup hanging upside down alone in the house for an unknown amount of time.

Trap 4

At the end of the special, the family and Gobber are on their way back to the house after the Snoggletog Pageant, when Zephyr quickly stops Gobber from getting too close. She takes the Viking helmet off Nuffink's head and tosses it toward the front door to trigger the last trap. Sure enough, a mace falls from the rafters above and crushes the metal helmet. Thinking it was clear, Nuffink takes another step foreward, but Zephyr stops him just in time for two arrows to shoot at the helmet, resulting in one of the horns falling off. Finally, Zephyr announces that it's safe to enter.


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