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Zebras are mentioned only once and not seen in the game, School of Dragons.


Zebras are horse and donkey-like mammals belonging to the Genus Equus. They are widely known for their contrasting stripes all over their bodies, usually black on a white base. The stripes serve as camouflage and to disorient predators by making the zebra appear indistinct or appear confusing while in motion.


Zebras have no use in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, other than as a memory phrase for the player to recall dragon species in the former Fear Class. "Fear Holds Zebras Still!".

In reality, Zebras are often kept for entertainment purposes, and hunted for food and their hides. Attempts have been made to domesticate them, however they have a "wildness" - unpredictable nature - that hinders efforts.



School of Dragons

Zebras are mentioned in a phrase to remember dragon names of the former Fear Class in the player Quest, "History of Dragons".



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