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Yorgi is a minor character appearing in the special, Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon.


Search for the Golden Dragon

At a time prior to the events of Dragons: Rescue Riders: Hunt for the Golden Dragon, Yorgi joined the ship crew of Svetlana the Sly.

During one adventure with Svetlana, Yorgi encountered the Rescue Riders while searching for a Golden Dragon whose egg is made of gold. The first time was in a cave at a secret door. At Svetlana's behest, Yorgi directed a Belzium magnet at the Riders, trapping them. Svetlana and Yorgi then passed through the door, only to find nothing was there. Later at sea racing to another island against two other pirates, Svetlana ordered Yorgi to fire cannon-type weapons filled with bags of Dragon Pepper powder at the Rescue Riders. At some unknown point though, during the hunt for the golden egg, Marena took out Yorgi and disguised herself as him aboard Svetlana's ship. It remains unknown what happened to the real Yorgi.

Physical Appearance

Yorgi is an older adult male with slightly stooped shoulders. He keeps his right eye closed for unknown reasons. He has a long white beard, brown eyes, and a slight frame. He has an olive-tan tunic with a wide leather belt and a small dark purple sleeveless jacket. He wears a helmet with two symmetrical horns.



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