Yakkity Jorgenson is Snotlout's pet yak.


Saved from a Dragon

The yak is first introduced in "Turn and Burn" where Spitelout Jorgenson has Yakkity with him on Storehouse Island. He is using Yakkity to bait a dragon trap, so the yak will get eaten and a Singetail will be caught in a net. Snotlout saves him from the Singetail that's trying to burn the storehouse, and the island, down. When he, Spitelout, Stoick, and Hiccup give up in saving the island, Snotlout has Hookfang carry him across the sea to safety.

Mention in "Shell Shocked, Part 1"

Yakkity is mentioned again in "Shell Shocked, Part 1" when Tuffnut suggests Viggo Grimborn be fed to Yakkity, confusing him to be Hiccup's yak rather than Snotlout's. Snotlout is quick to correct him.


Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 3

In the episode "Turn and Burn", Yakkity appears on Storehouse Island, presumably brought there by Spitelout Jorgenson when he founded a storehouse there for Berk. He is to be used to bait a trap for  Singetail. During the events of the episode, Yakkity becomes a target for the fiery Singetail. The Hooligans decide to leave Storehouse Island, taking Yakkity with them via dragon.

Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4

Yakkity is mentioned in the episode, "Shell Shocked, Part 1", by Tuffnut, but not seen.


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