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Wonderwood is a type of tree that grows on Hazard Island and appears in the first season of the series Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Wonderwood is a tree that grows on Hazard Island. It has a thin, cylindrical trunk with brown, somewhat rough-looking bark and exposed roots. The leaves are light green in color. It appears to be very soft, as Winger was able to easily take a bite out of it.


This fictitious plant is part of the flora of Hazard Island. Although the roots are edible to dragons, it does not have any special properties, according to Grumblegard, outside of being terrible for use in a campfire. Grumblegard did utilize the roots as a placebo to give Winger the confidence to utilize his mega blast, but it has no real effect on a dragon's firepower.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 1

Wonderwood appears in the episode, "Grumblegard, Part 2". Upon finding that Lurke, Vizza, and Snoop had used their slime to blockade Grumblegard's cave with massive boulders, the Rescue Riders and Grumblegard found that none of their attacks could break through the barrier. Upon finding out that Winger could not perform a mega blast, Grumblegard suggested that he eat a root from a nearby Wonderwood tree in order to give him the power to fire a mega blast. Upon consuming the root, Winger was immediately able to perform the move, blasting the rock wall open and allowing Grumblegard to blast the Slinkwings away. Later, Winger asked Grumblegard if he could give him some Wonderwood roots to take back to Huttsgalor in case he needed to utilize a mega blast in the future, but Grumblegard let him know that Wonderwood roots actually have no special properties and that he was just trying to give Winger the confidence he needed to successfully pull off the move.


  • It is possible that this tree is not actually named Wonder Wood, and was only called that by Grumblegard to make it seem more impressive.


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