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Wolf-Fangs are medium-sized dragons mentioned in How to Betray a Dragon's Hero.

Physical Appearance

Wolf-fangs are described as being monkey-like in that they jump and climb from tree to tree, yet they are also wolf-like. They do have wings, but rarely use them.


Wolf-fangs have night vision that is depicted similar to the view from night vision goggles, as seen below:

The world from the eyes of a Wolf-Fang

In The Incomplete Book of Dragons, Wolf-fangs are said to have excellent hearing, smell, in addition to X-ray vision.


Wolf-fangs are pack-hunters, and they kill without mercy. Cressida Cowell notes that they are untrainable.

During the Dragon Rebellion, Wolf-fangs remained unaligned.


The Incomplete Book of Dragons

Wolf-fangs are discussed in this reference book in the chapter on Tree dragons, as well as appearing in the 'Dragon Key' at the back of the book.

How to Betray a Dragon's Hero

A pack of Wolf-fangs appear at the beginning of Book 11. They are running along a river, having spied a human in distress in it.

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