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This is the page for the Franchise location. You may be looking for the Book location.

      Woden's Bathtub, also known as Odin's Bathtub, is a location that appears in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Woden's Bathtub is a sea with many areas of frozen islands covered in snow and a few ice structures at large scales. There are also some small lakes and occasional conifers. Later in the game, the region takes on a decidedly green pall, after the Dragonroot Company sets up various camps.



Dragons: Rise of Berk

Odin's Bathtub is briefly mentioned in Dynamojo's description.

Dragons: Titan Uprising

Woden's Bathtub is the first sub-section of the Frozen Tundra section of this game. Several wild dragons reside here that the player must fight in order to advance in the game. Dragons seen here include but not limited to: the Deadly Nadder, Hideous Zippleback, Monstrous Nightmare, and Timberjack.

Woden's Bathtub is also a region in the "Coldwind Wastes", and is the first section the player encounters after the area is occupied by the Dragonroot Company.


  • Woden's Bathtub is named after the Norse God Odin, who is also called Woden in Germanic regions.


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