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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

You should have seen our mom! She has a power blast like Winger, but she also had a Mega Blast! [src]

Winger's Mother is a female Swiftwing who is mentioned in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Taking in Orphans

Winger's Mother, despite having at least one biological offspring of her own - Winger - saved young human twins, a boy and a girl. She brought them back to her nest and raised them as her own along with Winger. She taught the human children about understanding dragons and much information about various dragon species.


Leyla and Dak explain to a Fire Fury named Aggro that they were raised by a mother dragon and learned to speak dragon and ride dragons in "Where There's Smoke". This distracted Aggro enough for Burple to sit on her.

In "Grumblegard, Part 1", Leyla and Dak tell Summer about their adoptive mother's impressive Mega Blast. Later, Dak tries to tell their story how they learned to speak Dragon to Grumblegard, but he cut him off. Later on the episode, she is mentioned again when Winger reveals what happens everytime he'd try to give a Mega Blast, saying that maybe he isn't as powerful as his mother was.


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