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Winger is a male Swiftwing who is one of the main protagonists in Dragons: Rescue Riders.


Early Life

When Winger was young, his mother brought home two small human twins, a boy and a girl. She adopted these humans into their family and raised Winger and the twin humans together.

Integrating into a Human Town

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Winger and his group of dragons and the human twins Dak and Leyla come across a Viking man about to drown from a shipwreck in the episode, "The Nest". They rescue him and the man turns out to be the Chief of Huttsgalor, named Duggard. He invites them back to his village, where the dragon group helps the villagers clean up after a fierce storm. Some villagers, such as Magnus Finke, dislike the dragons' presence, and tried to get them evicted by accusing Burple of eating the town's prize sheep, Haggis. Feeling unaccepted, the dragon group leaves town. However, Magnus' Auto Lumberjack Machine goes haywire and the group returns to save the town from damage. The villagers are thankful. The blacksmith Hannahr finds Haggis and uncovers Magnus' deception. As thanks, Duggard offers an old lighthouse as a permanent residence. The group accepts. Duggard also calls them the 'Rescue Riders', a name which Winger and the others like and adopt.

In "Deep Trouble", Winger and Dak ace 'Fast Blast Drills' purely by luck and following his gut. Afterwards, he and the other Rescue Riders listen to Elbone as he relates his plans to go into the Maze Caves to map them. The next day Elbone has not returned, so Winger, Dak, and Cutter rush into the caves after him. All three get lost. Much later that day, he and the others are saved in the nick of time by Leyla, Summer, and Burple, just before the caves flood.

Winger learns about a holiday on Huttsgalor called Hoogenboo in the episode, "Boo to You". Marena tells the story of the Phantom Fang, but no one believes her, though she insists it is real, all except Burple. Later, an invisible force starts wreaking havoc in the village. Leyla determines that the 'ghost' is actually a Slinkwing dragon. Winger and the other riders fight it off, but are only successful after Burple has the idea to mark the camouflaging dragon.

Physical Appearance

Winger is a blue Swiftwing with ear-like appendages on his head and darker blue spines on the lower portion of his tail. He has a cream colored underbelly and wings, and a long tail with horizontally oriented fins on the end. He also has slightly darker blue striping on the top side of his wings, lower legs, and lower tail. The tips of his head appendages are darker shaded as well. Winger has bright, canary yellow eyes.


Winger is brave, loyal, and very proud!
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Winger is a kind, bold, and compassionate young dragon, very close to his friends and adoptive siblings, and especially to his adoptive brother Dak. He is also more responsible than the others (apart from Leyla and Summer) and has displayed the qualities of a good leader, calling on his fellow Rescue Riders to action when there's trouble and can be quite wise, as he once said that being brave isn't being fearless but doing what needs to be done even if one is afraid.

He still has a young and immature side, evident by his daredevil flying and often challenging others to a race (even though he always wins), but he tends to be somewhat more careful than his adoptive brother Dak. He also exhibits competitiveness as he does not like to back down or give up, but will when it is appropriate.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Speed: As a Swiftwing, Winger is the fastest flier of all the Rescue Riders and potentially most species of dragons.

Firepower: Winger can launch up to three Power Blasts of energy before he needs to recharge, and lately he achieved his strongest ability, the Mega Blast, which is far more powerful and somthing achieved only by adult Swiftwings.



Main article: Dak and Winger's Relationship

Dak is Winger's adoptive brother, rider, and his best friend. They're almost always together and enjoy going on daring flights and performing breathtaking aerial tricks and stunts. They get along perfectly and tend to be on the same page in any situation though Winger is somewhat more careful and more responsible than Dak.


Leyla is Winger's adoptive sister, and they are close in their own way. Winger respects and admires Leyla's knowledge of dragons and counts on her making plans when he and Dak aren't being reckless.


Summer is Winger's friend and fellow Rescue Rider. She is something of a sisterly figure to him in a relationship very similar to the one shared between Dak and Leyla.


Burple is Winger's friend and teammate. He looks out for Burple and does his best to encourage him whenever Burple is feeling down.


Aggro is Winger's friend and newest teammate. They started off on the wrong foot due to a misunderstanding but once it was cleared up, he and the rest of the Rescue Riders welcomed her to join them though it took a little bit before they managed to work well together as Aggro was new to the team.


Cutter is Winger's friend and teammate, and he tends to help keep Cutter's antics from becoming a problem. Still, they work well together and are good friends.


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