This is the Winged Spear, an ancient symbol of our connection to the Eruptodon.
  — Mala  

The Winged Spear is a ceremonial weapon of the Defenders of the Wing, first seen in the "Secret of the Leviathan" Expansion in the game, School of Dragons.


Secret of the Leviathan

After a baby Luminous Krayfin leads the player, Mala, Skulder the Archaeologist, and Phlegma to Impossible Island, the player completes a series of ancient Defenders of the Wing puzzles. Successfully completing the puzzles yields access to a treasure room with numerous Defenders of the Wing artifacts, including the Winged Spear. Mala is ecstatic at the find, and promptly returns the spear and other items to Caldera Cay with her tribe.

Rise of Stormheart

In the Expansion, "Rise of Stormheart", Mala brings up the Winged Spear to the player, thanking them for their help in finding it and returning it to Defenders of the Wing Island.

Once again: thank you for the help with the Winged Spear. It rests now in a place of honor near my throne and is a constant reminder of the strong ties between our people.
  — Mala  



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