Men in rage strike those who wish them best.
  — Wilhelm Seax in Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Wilhelm Seax is a bard who is mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising.


Connection to Glaivedriver

At some point, Wilhelm Seax claimed that "Men in rage strike those who wish them best." This phrase would later be applied to the extremely aggressive Deathgripper individual Glaivedriver.



  • Wilhelm Seax's name is a play on the name of the English poet William Shakespeare, who originally wrote the line "Men in rage strike those who wish them best," which Seax quotes in Glaivedriver's description, in his play Othello.
  • A Seax is an Old English term for a knife, dagger, or small sword. 'Saxon' is derived from 'seax'. 'Sax' is the Scandinavian word for 'scissors'.

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