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Wild boars are animals that are seen in various DreamWorks Dragons Franchise Media, starting with the first TV series, Dragons: Riders of Berk.


The Wild Boar (Sus scrofa) are even-toed mammals native to Europe, Asia, and Northern Africa. Domestic pigs arose from the Wild boar, and are sometimes classified as a sub-species of the wild boar. Boar have long heads with ending in a flat snout. They have both upper and lower teeth, of which the canines can grow into curling tusks on males. They have a coarse and sparse brown hair coat, and relatively thin hindquarters. They are a rather vocal creature and have a well-developed sense of smell.

Boars are considered omnivores and have an extremely diverse diet ranging from roots and tubers, nuts and berries, tree bark, to worms and grubs, fish, carrion, and sometimes small live animals. In the Franchise, they are seen eating Cabbage, and it is implied that they will prey on injured and small dragons. Partly because of their diverse diet, boars have spread around the world and are considered a nuisance and invasive species in some areas. They can cause extensive environmental damage to areas where they are not native and have even been known to kill small young livestock.

Attacks on humans are rare but have happened throughout human history. Often aggression is increased in mating season, especially by males. Boars can fight back when provoked. Females may attack to defend their young.

In the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, boars are portrayed as aggressive even toward dragons with an excellent sense of smell, such that they can track the blood of an injured animal.


In both actuality and the Franchise, wild boars are hunted as a food source for humans. But in the Franchise, boars are also food for at least some dragons, notably the Changewing. They are also used - presumably to eat - in some Viking ceremonies, such as the "400 boar feast" during Matrimonial Unions. Dishes that use boars include:

  • Bacon
  • Boar rind grease
  • Boar rinds
  • Dried boar gizzards
  • Ham
  • Honey-roasted boar butt

In the Franchise, boars are also used as pets - such as the briefly mentioned Bjorn Boar, and for entertainment. Tuffnut is a major proponent of wild boar as entertainment, notably with his "Boar Pit" on Dragon's Edge, where he often wrestles boars. Wingmaidens also build "Boar Pits", meaning it is a common sport throughout the Archipelago.

Wild Boars are also portrayed a bit as minor villains in the Franchise. On several occasions, boars are seen menacing or injuring dragons, including juveniles and even vulnerable adults. In the game, School of Dragons boars are shown to be a pest species to farming at the School.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

The very first episode, "How to Start a Dragon Academy", highlights the dragons' usefulness by tapping into their instinctive behaviors. One demonstration is scaring off and herding a group of wild boars into a building, presumably for slaughter later.

The episode "The Terrible Twos" shows a single boar menacing two Typhoomerang babies. The boar is quickly dispatched by the mother dragon in flames.

"How to Pick Your Dragon" continues the theme of Boars being a danger to dragons. In this episode, Stoick is paired with a troublesome Thunderdrum named Thornado. Stoick finds that Thornado is protecting another Thunderdrum from wild boars who also had his wings damaged by boars. Additionally, boars are seen damaging a crop of Cabbage and are chased off by Stoick and Toothless.

Dragons: Defenders of Berk

In "Live and Let Fly", the Dragon Riders go to Changewing Island to study the Changewings. The Changewings hunt three boars in a pack. The Changewings separate one. The Twins indicate they know this one, named Bjorn Boar, and make a noise to distract the dragons. However doing so gives the Riders away, and the Changewings chase them away from the island.

The episode, "The Flight Stuff" introduces Gustav's Monstrous Nightmare, Fanghook. Their initial meeting in the woods involves a wild boar.

In "Zippleback Down" Tuffnut is caught in an old Dragon trap net. To pass the time he talks to (and trains) Torch the Typhoomerang. He indicates Torch can meet his sister if she hasn't been killed by boars.

You can meet her, if she hasn't been eaten by a pack of angry boars, torn limb from limb in a frenzy of wild animal rage...
  Tuffnut in "Zippleback Down"  

Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 1

In the episode, "When Darkness Falls", the Dragon Riders are looking for a location to settle as an outpost. They fly to many islands, only to find them unsuitable for one reason or another. One such island contains a group of aggressive boars, which chase off both riders and dragons. The Riders accidentally visit this unnamed island twice and are chased off a cliff each time. Later, Tuffnut uses the boars to fill his "boar pit" on Dragon's Edge.

Eating boar is mentioned in the episode, "Big Man on Berk", when Fishlegs is hypnotized into thinking he is Thor Bonecrusher. This persona likes eating wild boar.

I like to nap after a feast of wild boar and mead.
  — Fishlegs as Thor Bonecrusher  

In the sixth episode of Season 1, "Gone Gustav Gone" revisits Tuffnut's Boar pit, though the boars are not seen. In an attempt to be useful while visiting Dragon's Edge, Gustav fills in the big hole under the Twin's hut, which turns out to be Tuffnut's prized Boar pit.

I'm telling you, if you get five boars, you can stack them on top of each other. That's a four-boar stack...
  — Tuffnut in "Gone Gustav Gone"  

In the following episode, "Crushing It", Gobber discusses Tuffnut's boar pit, indicating that it is too shallow. Later in the episode, after Gobber gets knocked on the head and becomes delirious, he chases around some boars, telling them that he just wants to talk and cuddle with them. The boars are from Tuffnut's boar pit.

Season 2

In the episode, "Snow Way Out", boars make a brief appearance on Glacier Island and are scared away by a screaming Fishlegs.

In "Snotlout Gets the Axe", some boars are seen wandering around the Island of Friga after a wedding between a Jorgenson and a Hofferson fails. Spitelout Jorgenson was in charge of acquiring the boars for the "400 Boar Feast".

Boar Rinds

Season 3

Though boars don't appear in "Follow the Leader", their edible products do. Fishlegs has 'boar rinds' in Meatlug's saddlebags, and uses them to befriend the Night Swarm dragons living beneath Dragon's Edge. Boar rinds are most likely a play on 'pork rinds' - deep-fried pig skin.

Season 4

Boars are not seen very much in this season, however, one comedic mention takes place in the episode, "Out of the Frying Pan". The Twins invent a "secret" language called "Boar" Latin, a play on "Pig" Latin.

Tuffnut is seen briefly in "Gruff Around the Edges" carrying two small boars under his arms that are 'greased' and ready for he and Gruffnut Thorston to presumably play boar wrestling.

In the episode "The Longest Day", Ruffnut prepares two wild boars to play Stack the Yak but is interrupted by Tuffnut.

Season 5

A boar pit is mentioned but not seen in the episode, "Snotlout's Angels". The Wingmaidens have a boar pit and are proficient at playing 'Doubles'. Ruffnut and Heather play and lose.

Two boars pester Ruffnut and Tuffnut while they stay on Caldera Cay with the Defenders of the Wing. They are depressed, though, at being driven away from Dragon's Edge and have no urge to play.

Season 6

One of the dishes served in the Great Hall during "No Bark, All Bite" is honey-roasted boar butt.

Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 2

Waldondo del Mundo mentioned wild boars in "Treasure Riders", when he introduced himself as the first man "to tame a wild boar with the breach of my nose".

Season 3

This section requires expansion.

Season 4

This section requires expansion.


How to Train Your Dragon (game)

In this game, the player can catch wild boar in the "wild zone" and feed it to their dragons. Wild boar can also be put into recipes.

How to Train Your Dragon Mobile Game

Wild Boars appear in Berk Forest that the player - playing as Hiccup - must navigate around or risk health damage.

Flight of the Night Fury


This now-unavailable iOS game mentions collecting Wild Boar as one of the tasks for the player (playing as Hiccup and riding Toothless). Because game information is no longer available, details of why, where, or for what purpose is unknown.

School of Dragons

Boars are not visually seen, but are part of a player Quest called, "The Wolves Are Coming!". Despite the Quest title indicating wolves, the quest is actually about dealing with boars spooking sheep on the School of Dragons Island. In the Quest, the player must speak with several NPC characters and lure the boars to the Wilderness.

Wild boars eat almost anything from roots to earthworms. I've even see them snatching a snake or two!
  Snotlout in School of Dragons  
Wild boars will follow the food and are omnivores, which means they'll eat anything.
  Phelgma in School of Dragons  

Later, as part of a release for Dreadfall 2018, boars were introduced to the game, along with a Dreadfall-themed board barn. The boars are "painted" in a blue, green, or orange stylized skeleton motif. The player can harvest manure from them to complete Farm Jobs for coins and points.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

A statue of Freya and her boar, Hildisvini, is a seasonal decoration that was introduced in the game with the 1.54 update. It costs 2000 Freya's Flowers and requires 4 hours to be built.

Another statue, called Mellow Mudpit, consisting of two boars in a mus pit, was introduced in the game with the 1.61 update. It can be obtained only from a seasonal card pack.


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