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The White Dragon is a briefly-mentioned dragon species from the How to Train Your Dragon book series.

Physical Appearance

The White Dragon is pure white and has one horn on the middle of its forehead. Not much else is known about White Dragons, and only a partial picture was drawn by the author (seen in the infobox at right). We do know it is large enough to carry at least two people at a time. Because most riding dragons are classified as Sky Dragons, it can be presumed White Dragons are, too.


How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

A White Dragon is ridden by Humongously Hotshot the Hero, who mysteriously appears and saves the Hairy Hooligan Novices from a group of attacking Skullions.


  • Some fans speculate that the White Dragon may be a Silver Phantom. The Incomplete Book of Dragons mentions that female Silver Phantoms have one horn sticking out of their heads.

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