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Whispering Waldo is a Viking that appeared once in the Dragons: Race to the Edge, Season 4 episode, "Midnight Scrum". It is unknown from what location or tribe Whispering Waldo was traveling from.


Attending Berk's 400-Year Anniversary

Whispering Waldo, along with his brothers, Mute Marvin and Soft-Spoken Sam sailed a long way to join their nephew, Silent Sven on Berk to celebrate Berk's 400th Anniversary. At this time Hiccup also had a bounty on his head, placed by Viggo Grimborn or the Dragon Hunters. With this weighing heavily on his mind, Hiccup mistook the "ship-lagged" uncles to be bounty hunters after him. Sven corrects his mistake, and Hiccup awkwardly welcomes Sven's family to Berk, and calls Whispering Waldo, "Wailing Waldo".

Physical Appearance

Whispering Waldo is bald with a reddish brown moustache very similar to Sven's. In fact his whole appearance is very close to Sven's appearance and build. At the Anniversary celebration, Waldo wears a simple red tunic.


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