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      The Whispering Death Caves represent an underground series of tunnels and caves, located underneath the Isle of Berk. They were created by Whispering Deaths tunneling through the island.

Official Description

Near Berk's Great Hall, there lies an ominous pit. Should you find yourself brave (or foolish) enough to explore these caves, it’s important to remember to be on your guard at all times.
  School of Dragons Website[1]  


A rope will lead you down into pitch-black caverns and winding tunnels. Don't forget to listen for the Whispering Death flying about, as you will hear their screech long before you catch sight of them. Their echoing cries give the impression of an infinite number of dragons flying about, so don't get too frightened.
Young Vikings who remain undeterred by the presence of a Whispering Death should also be on alert for other residents of these caves, such as spiders that spin massive, sticky webs. It is best to stay clear of them, as there is no telling how they would react to strangers on their turf. Further in, the darkness of the barren cave is broken by an underground lake. It is believed that this lake was formed by an opening under Berk, where ocean water gradually flowed in.
  School of Dragons Website[1]  


Dragons: Defenders of Berk

During the events of "Tunnel Vision", Hiccup and Toothless fell into the Whispering Death Tunnels through Berk's well. They decided to explore it while finding another exit. They discovered the remains of the Whispering Death eggs brought by the Outcast Tribe to Berk and the crates with the tribe's symbol on them. After a while, Hiccup and Toothless encounter some of the Whispering Deaths and manage to exit the tunnels during their escape.

In "Worst in Show", Alvin, Mildew and Savage attempt to spy on the Dragon Riders using the tunnels and even manage to capture Meatlug.


School of Dragons

The Whispering Death Tunnels appear in this game and are only accessible through a hole on Berk. There are several quests asking the player to go inside the tunnels, one of which includes the discovery of a Boneknapper Family.



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