Whirlwing is the Thunderdrum who Thornado was trying to protect in "How to Pick Your Dragon". His name was revealed in Dragons: Rise of Berk.

Official Description

If it wasn't for Whirlwing's injury, Stoick and Thornado may never have learned to trust each other. It took them both to protect Whirlwing from wild boars.
  Dragons: Rise of Berk  



Before the events of "How to Pick Your Dragon", Whirlwing was attacked by wild boars. He rested in a cave with an injured wing, and was fed by Thornado. He was shown to be frightened at Stoick's, Hiccup's, and Toothless' arrival, and even more so (understandably) when the wild boars came to attack him, but he was defended ferociously by Thornado and Stoick, who saved him from the boars. Stoick gained Thornado's trust by helping Whirlwing. The gang then proceeded to bring him to Gobber's shop to repair his injured wings.

Physical Appearance

Whirlwing is a light purple Thunderdrum with small white dots on its back and wings. Whirlwing's wing has large holes in it from when a wild boar attacked. As a result, he now wears a dark brown cast around his wings permanently to help him fly.


Dragons: Riders of Berk

Whirlwing is introduced in the episode, "How to Pick Your Dragon".


Dragons: Rise of Berk

Whirlwing is a Unique Thunderdrum available through special searches and events.


  • Whirlwing was referred to as a male by Stoick and Hiccup, and appears to be close to Thornado. However, some believe it is female and Thornado's mate. It could also be Thornado's sibling.
  • The wild Thunderdrum in "We Are Family, Part 1" and Earsplitter also resemble Whirlwing.



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