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Winger: Great work, Rescue Riders. That might've been our toughest mission yet.

Dak: And most fun.

Leyla: You call that fun? I almost thought someone was gonna have to rescue us.

Dak: Oh, come on. The thrill of the chase, the excitement of closing in on your target.

Summer: He was slippery as an eel, fast as a wolf. As tricky as...

Cutter: A me!

Burple: But we got him.

Finngard Borgomon: Woo-hoo! Awesome!

Dak: Hey, Mrs. Borgomon! We found little Finngard.

Mrs. Borgomon: Oh, thank you, Dak and Leyla.

Leyla: Actually it was Cutter who spotted him. He's a Relentless Razorwing. They have amazing eyesight.

Mrs. Borgomon: Oh, really? Thank you very much, Cutter. He understood that, right?

Leyla: I think so. He definitely understood that.

Dak: But you know, Mrs. B, I'm not sure how lost Finngard really was.

Mrs. Borgomon: Whatever do you mean?

Leyla: This is the fourth time we've rescued him.

Dak: This week. He may just be in it for the dragon rides.

Mrs. Borgomon: Oh, no. My little Finngard wouldn't do such a thing. Shall we go, dear?

Finngard: See you tomorrow.

Winger: So now what, race back to the Roost?

Summer: Why not?

Burple: Becuase he's faster than all of us, that's why not.

Summer: Speed is only one factor in a race.

Winger: Apparently, it's the most important one because we always win.

Duggard: Dak! Leyla!

Dak: What is it, chief Duggard?

Duggard: I need your help right away, Rescue Riders. What'd he say?

Dak: He said you can count on us.

Duggard: Oh. I wish I could speak dragon like you. Or lizard. Or sheep for that matter. Baa! Baa? Baa, baa, baa...

Dak: You said you needed our help with something?

Duggard: Oh, yes, right. Remember when you moved all those sheep from the south side of the island?

Dak: Yeah, to keep them away from the wolves down there.

Leyla: We put them up on the northern pastures instead. Why?

Duggard: Because I'm afraid they might be in danger up there now, too.

Dak: Fires?

Duggard: Can you put out those fires to protect our sheep, Rescue Riders?

Dak and Leyla: We're on it.

Winger: Look like racing will have to wait. Let's fly, team!

Duggard: Baa! Baa, baa, baa! Still nothing.

Winger: There they are!

Burple: Poor sheep!

Leyla: What could have caused those fires?

Dak: Who knows? Come on, we've got some rescuing to do. Time to wing it!

Leyla: While Dak and Winger stop the sheep stampede, the rest of us can put out the fires.

Burple: Those rocks from Finngard sure came in handy.

Cutter: Nice shot, Burple! Almost as nice as this.

Dak: Hey, Sheep! Stop! We're here to help! They're headed straight for the cliff!

Winger: Dak, no!

Dak: Good sheep, good sheep! Time to relax!

Leyla: Dak!

Dak: That was close.

Leyla: Do I wanna know how close?

Dak: Let's just say my feet are wet. Thanks, pal.

Leyla: Good job, everybody. Who didn't fall off a cliff.

Winger: Looks like our work here is done.

Dak: Rescue Riders for the win!

Winger: Wing it in!

Leyla: Let's fly back to the Roost. I said fly, not race!

Cutter: Every time.

Cutter: Hey, is that Magnus Finke? What's he doing down there?

Magnus Finke: Oh, if you primitive animals only knew the great honor you're about to receive. In a few seconds, you will be the first to go from wooly mess, to a perfectly shorn sheep, thanks to my new Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine! Perhaps a few minor adjustments. Perfect, perfect. In you go. What's wrong with you? Don't you want to be part of sheep-shearing history?

Cutter: Looks like Magnus could use a little help. Maybe I should go lend him a wing.

Burple: Cutter, you know Magnus doesn't like us.

Cutter: This is my chance to change that, Burp. By helping him get that sheep in his machine.

Magnus: Get in there, you walking pile of pillow stuffing. Hey!

Cutter: Whoops.

Magnus: Look what you've done. You've ruined my experiment! Get away from me, you winged weasel!

Burple: I don't think you changed how he feels about us.

Cutter: Oh yeah, I did. Now he likes us even less.

Summer: Breakfast is served.

Dak: I call dibs on one of those big ones.

Leyla: Really Dak, you're gonna try raw fish for breakfast, again?

Winger: Don't look at me. I tried to talk him out of it.

Dak: We dragons prefer our fish raw.

Leyla: You're not a dragon, Dak.

Dak: Mm-mm. Still tastes great to me.

Leyla: What do you say Winger, should we save him or let him finish this time?

Winger: I vote save. It's too hard to watch.

Leyla: Sure you don't want some, Dak?

Dak: Maybe just a little. Thanks, sis.

Leyla: Anybody else?

Summer: Raw tastes better.

Cutter: Maybe Burple. He's got four stomachs and he eats rocks.

Burple: No thanks. And for the record I don't eat rocks. I store them for later, so I can do this.

Cutter: That would've been so much cooler if you hit that target.

Burple: I know.

Dak: We need more target practice.

Magnus: I'd say you also need some fire-putting-out practice.

Dak: What are you talking about?

Duggard: I'm afraid the fires are back.

Leyla: But we put them out yesterday. How could they be back?

Magnus: I think we all know the answer to that, don't we? Because of him.

Burple: Huh?

Leyla: Cutter? No way.

Magnus: Scaring sheep is the kind of trouble he would cause.

Dak: Not true.

Magnus: Oh, really? Just yesterday, he scared a sheep I was trying to load into my Automatic Sheep De-Woolifying Machine.

Dak: Your what?

Magnus: One of my brilliant inventions. Way too complicated to explain to you simpletons.

Leyla: It's a machine that takes the wool off of sheep.

Magnus: More or less. But the point is, he scared away my sheep.

Duggard: Cutter, is any of this true?

Dak: He didn't do it on purpose.

Magnus: So he says. He's a known troublemaker. Remember when he poked all those holes in the town bathtub.

Dak: It's a bathtub. He was taking a bath. And those wooden walls were very flimsy.

Magnus: How about the time he cut all the shrubs in my garden into this.

Dak: Okay, that he did on purpose. But in his defense, he was just trying to beautify your garden.

Duggard: At worst, a harmless prank.

Magnus: Harmless? I say where there's smoke, there's a bad dragon. A bad dragon that sets fires to scare sheep, and that has to go.

Dak: What?

Leyla: Chief, you can't be considering this.

Duggard: Well, I've always liked Cutter, but if he did set those fires... Whoa, this is a tough one.

Dak: He didn't do it.

Leyla: And we'll prove it.

Duggard: That would make my decision quite a bit easier.

Dak: Good. Then we're gonna put out those fires.

Leyla: And prove Cutter didn't start them, by finding out who or what really did.

Magnus: A fool's errand, if ever I heard one.

Duggard: Oh, that reminds me. I've got to go pick up my laundry.

Magnus: Wait for me!

Winger: Ok, dragons. Let's save some sheep. We're wings up in five.

Summer: If we're going to be fighting fires again, I think I better fill up with water. Looks like a liquid breakfast for me.

Leyla: You okay, Cutter?

Cutter: I didn't set those fires.

Dak: We know that.

Leyla: Of course we do.

Cutter: At least you believe me.

Dak: You guys ready?

Burple: Yep. I'm rocked and loaded.

Dak: Cutter?

Cuttter: I'm not going. Why should I?

Burple: 'Cause, we always fly together. We're the good guys.

Cutter: Not according to Magnus. I'm the bad guy. Why should I help them if they don't trust me?

Leyla: Don't listen to Magnus.

Dak: We gotta go now. With or without you, Cutter.

Cutter: I guess it's without.

Burple: I'll miss you, buddy.

Dak: Here we go again. Ready, sis?

Leyla: You go ahead. Put out the fires. Summer and I are gonna figure out what's starting them.

Winger: Come on, Burps. Let's wing it.

Leyla: So what do you think, Summer, could it be natural causes? Lightning strikes?

Summer: I don't think so. This line of fires is too straight.

Leyla: Someone is doing this on purpose.

Summer: And relighting them when we put them out. Which means...

Leyla: They could be nearby. Watching us.

Summer: Look! Both lines lead to the same place. A-ha! The true culprit is revealed.

Leyla: And it's a dragon?

Burple: Hey, you!

Aggro: Huh?

Burple: Stop!

Aggro: You gotta do better than that!

Burple: Whoa!

Winger: Cut that out!

Aggro: I can't!

Dak: You can, and you will!

Aggro: Wait. Did you just answer me?

Dak: I sure did.

Aggro: You speak dragon?

Leyla: We both do.

Aggro: What? How?

Dak: Long story. We were shipwrecked as little kids.

Leyla: Rescued by a mother dragon, who raised us, taught us cool stuff like how to talk dragon, how to fly dragons.

Dak: How to distract dragons long enough for Burple to do this.

Leyla: Wow, you're a Fire Fury, right. You're the first one I've ever seen this close.

Burple: Quit wiggling around, little buddy. I don't wanna squish you.

Aggro: Who you calling little?

Burple: Either something I ate isn't agreeing with me or... yowch! Ah. Thanks, Summer, I needed that.

Dak: Huh? After her!

Burple: I found her! I found her!

Leyla: Which way?

Burple: That way, I think.

Leyla: Huh? Where'd she go?

Winger: You can't outrun me or outfly me.

Aggro: You might be right, but I can do this!

Dak: We should slow down.

Winger: No way! I can...

Dak: Look out! You were saying?

Winger: She's tricky. I don't like tricky.

Leyla: We saw the smoke. You okay?

Dak: Yeah. She lost you, too, huh?

Burple: And me, three.

Dak and Leyla: Burple!

Leyla: Last time we saw you, you were pretty stuck. How'd you get free?

Burple: Ate my way out.

Winger: As usual. Wing it in.

Dak: I don't see any sign of that Fire Fury.

Leyla: If we don't find her, and prove to Duggard that she set those fires...

Burple: Cutter might have to leave forever.

Dak: Then saddle up! That little dragon hides pretty well.

Leyla: Fire Furies are known to be very nimble and very clever.

Burple:She's harder to find than Finngard.

Leyla: Burple, that's it.

Burple: It is? I mean, of course it is. What is it?

Leyla: Come on, follow me.

Cutter: No.

Leyla: But Cutter, we need your tracking abilities. Your super eyesight.

Cutter: I said, no.

Leyla: Who always finds Finngard? You do.

Burple: Come on, buddy, when we play Cloud and Seek, who always wins? You.

Cutter: Well, that's true. I am pretty great.

Leyla: If we find that Fire Fury, we can stop those fires and prove you're innocent.

Cutter: Even if I do help you, Magnus will still find a way to blame me.

Winger: Forget Magnus! We're heroes, Cutter. We don't do it to be liked. We do it 'cause it's the right thing to do.

Summer: At least we got here before she could start the fires back up.

Winger: Time to catch a dragon.

Summer: This would be a lot easier if Cutter was here.

Cutter: You're right, it would be. Oh, wait. I am here.

Everyone but Cutter: Cutter!

Cutter: You really think I could've stayed home after that speech?

Winger: Glad you made it, Cut. I got nothing.

Cutter: Yeah, me neither.

Burple: Is there something wrong with your neck?

Cutter: Gotcha!

Aggro: Stay back. I'm warning you.

Summer: Oh, cool off.

Leyla: Nobody is trying to hurt you.

Aggro: Then why are you chasing me and blasting me and sitting on me?

Winger: To stop those fires you keep setting to scare the sheep.

Aggro: Scaring the sheep? I wasn't scaring the sheep. I was scaring the wolves.

Dak: What Wolves? Everyone knows they stay on the south side of the island.

Aggro: Not anymore.

Summer: You mean you set the fires...

Aggro: As a way to keep the wolves away from the sheep.

Leyla: And we've put them out. Oh, no!

Dak: Saddle up!

Leyla: Coming?

Winger: Oh, no, you don't.

Leyla: Gotcha!

Winger: That's my third blast. I'm out.

Dak: What are we gonna do?

Burple: Coming through! That always makes me so dizzy. In fact, I'm so dizzy I can't tell if that's really three wolves or just one.

Dak: It's three! It's three!

Aggro: And now it's zero.

Burple:Thank you. All three of you.

Dak:Thanks for helping us out, you... You...

Aggro: Aggro. My name is Aggro. Like she said, I'm a Fire Fury. We're hotheaded.

Cutter: And Hot-winged, and hot-tailed.

Winger: How did you end up here?

Aggro: My flock was migrating. I got lost in a storm. Here I am.

Leyla: Sorry we didn't understand what you were doing.

Aggro: I had to help the sheep. They're the only friends I have here.

Leyla: Not anymore.

Aggro: Thanks, you guys. I have been kind of lonely. Hanging out with the sheep can really get boring, really fast.

Dak: Speaking of sheep, how about helping us move them someplace safe before the wolves come back?

Aggro: Happy to.

Dak: Thanks for your help with the sheep, Aggro.

Aggro: So, this is where you live?

Winger: We call it the Roost.

Leyla: This is the yard. It's our practice area.

Burple: That would have been so much cooler if you had hit the target.

Leyla: That old lighthouse is our command tower. We plan our missions and take care of dragons in there.

Aggro: What's that?

Summer: It's our sleep cave.

Aggro: You get to sleep indoors?

Burple: It's pretty cozy.

Cutter: You should try it once or twice or like a zillion times.

Aggro: What are you trying to say?

Leyla: That you are welcome to stay here with us.

Dak: And join the Rescue Riders.

Aggro: Gee... I don't know.

Winger: Aggro, you have what it takes to be one of us. You proved that when you saved the sheep.

Burple: And me.

Aggro: It's not that. I'm just sort of used to being on my own.

Burple: Don't you miss having a family?

Aggro: Of course I do.

Burple: Then join ours. It'll be awesome.

Cutter: Heads up, Chief Duggard is headed this way with you-know-who.

Dak: Hi, chief. Magnus.

Duggard: Thank you for putting out those fires and saving our sheep.

Dak: You're welcome. But somebody owes Cutter an apology.

Duggard: Well, okay, I'm not sure why, but here you go. I...

Leyla: Not you. Him.

Magnus: Me? Apologize to that flying porcupine? Why would I do that?

Leyla: Because he didn't start those fires. She did.

Magnus: Aah! Duggard, I demand you banish this little fire starter.

Aggro: Who you calling little?

Leyla: You can't send Aggro away. We just invited her to join the Rescue Riders.

Magnus: Sure, invite that airborne bonfire to stay with you. Makes perfect sense.

Dak: Actually, it does. Aggro set those fires to protect the town's sheep from wolves.

Leyla: And she helped us move them to a safer pasture.

Magnus: You don't say? Well, in that case, move in, why don't you?

Duggard: Well, for once, Magnus and I agree. Welcome to Huttsgalor, Aggro.

Magnus: Hm.

Duggard: Let's go, Magnus.

Magnus: Wait, I was being sarcastic. How could you not get that? I didn't really mean it.

Dak: I guess that settles that.

Aggro: Hang on. If I stay, I have some conditions. No more squirting me with water.

Summer: Can't guarantee that.

Aggro: No more sitting on me.

Burple: Not even by accident?

Aggro: And no cracks about my size.

Cutter: Not even small ones?

Aggro: Okay, okay. That was actually pretty funny. What the hay, let's give it a try.

Winger: Welcome to Huttsgalor!

Summer: Yeah!

Aggro: Let's go!

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