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"Previously on Dragons"

[Flashback to We are Family part one]

Stoick: Bork week has begun.

Gobber: Everything Bork wrote is in these notes.

Hiccup: This is an island... filled with Night Furies.

Snotlout: To find this island, we have to find Bork's cave?

Hiccup: It's a map... to the Isle of Night! Bork was right. Go get him, Toothless! Toothless... no!

Mildew: You believed our Bork notes. You followed the map we drew. You walked right into our trap.

Alvin: We're headed home... to Outcast Island!

[Flashback ends]

[Scene begins with Alvin and Savage taking Hiccup into the dungeon]

Hiccup: Where's my dragon, Alvin? Where's Toothless?

Alvin: You'll see him soon enough. Don't you worry.

Hiccup: You know, I have to admit... luring me and Toothless to the Isle of Night, building a fake Night Fury... not bad.

Alvin: Ha ha! "Not bad..." says the one-legged boy in manacles.

Hiccup: But turning Mildew into an Outcast? Using him against us? Come on, Alvin. That's low-hanging fruit... even for you.

Savage: No one thinks you're funny, boy. Now, keep movin'!

[They stop at a cage that has a Wispering Death in it. It roars and burrows under the ground.]

Hiccup: You know it's gonna keep doing that, right? It is a Whispering Death.

[Savage shoves Hiccup away. A Scauldron is drinking out of a trough in the next cage. It looks up and shoots boiling water at a guard.]

Hiccup: A Scauldron... impressive. You might wanna cut back its water.

Alvin: Oi, write that down.

[Outcast guards run to a seamingly empty cage.]

Guard: It's escaped again!

Hiccup: Actually, no. It's right behind you. Changewing. [Changewing fires acid, and they duck.] Whoo! Wow, you guys really don't have a handle on these dragons, do you?

Alvin: Well, that's why you're here. Welcome to your new job, Hiccup.

Hiccup: A job? Me? As inviting as that sounds, I'm gonna have to pass.

Alvin: Hiccup, Hiccup, Hiccup... Why do you have to make things so difficult?

Hiccup: Really not the first time I've been asked that question. Toothless! [Shows Toothless in a cage, chained up and muzzled. Hearing him, Toothless begins thrashing against the chains and snarling.] H-Hang in there, bud. I'll get you out.

Alvin: He's not going anywhere. Neither are you. You will help me train these dragons.

Hiccup: And if I don't?

Alvin: Well... then they're no good to me. None of 'em! Especially yours.

[Savage takes Hiccup to his cell.]

Savage: Can I get you anything... food, a cozy blanket, some warm yak milk? [He shoves Hiccup inside, and slams the door.] Ha ha ha! Yak milk! [laughing]

[Cuts to Stoick, Gobber, and the other Dragon Riders flying at night.]

Fishlegs: The Isle of Night! Finally, the chance to see Night Furies in their natural habitat! I'm bursting at the seams!

Snotlout: Don't wet yourself. I'm right behind you.

Stoick: Gobber and I will check the North side. You kids head south. If we find anything, you'll hear it from Thornado.

Astrid: All right, this place is gonna be crawling with Night Furies, so let's fly low till we get a sense of where Hiccup might be and how many Night Furies there are.

[Scene cuts to Hiccup trying to open his cell]

Mildew: Alvin, I gave you what you wanted. We had a deal!

Alvin: I didn't like that deal. So I changed it.

Savage: Oh, I believe you two know each other. Don't get too chummy. Mildew's hours are numbered. Much like you and the Night Fury.

[Alvin snatches Fungus away from Mildew, who bleats in protest.]

Mildew: No! What are you doing with me Fungus?

Alvin: Preparing your final meal. It's lamb.

Mildew: [gasps] Fungus! No!

Alvin: [voice fading] Berkians. Still as dumb as the day I left.

Mildew: What have I done?

[Cuts to Astrid, Fishlegs, and Snotlout flying over the Island of Night.]

Astrid: [spots the fake Night Fury] Night Fury. Let's check it out! [They land in front of it.] Guys, this isn't a...

Tuffnut: Night Fury! [The Night Fury explodes.]

Fishlegs: [a piece hits him in the face.] But it's very realistic.

Tuffnut: Yeah. Good thing we came along when we did.

Astrid: What were you thinking? If that was Toothless, you could have killed him!

Tuffnut: Yeah, well, if my chicken had horns, he'd be my yak.

Ruffnut: And if I were weak and girly, I'd be my brother.

Tuffnut: Yeah! Wait. What?

[Thornado lands behind them, and Stoick and Gobber hop off.]

Stoick: We saw the Zippleback fire from the sky. Did you find something?

Astrid: We did. A fake Night Fury.

Stoick: Where is it?

Fishlegs: Uh... gone? Blown to pieces, actually. [Stoick glares at the twins. Tuffnut looks sheepish.]

Gobber: Eh. Well, what do we have here? [sniffs] Smell this. [Fishlegs gags.] Nasty, isn't it?

Tuffnut: Oh, I wanna smell! Put it near my face.

Gobber: This false head was made of dragon skin then covered with ash from a charred Loki tree.

Snotlout: Loki tree? Never heard of it.

Stoick: That's because it only grows in one place.

Gobber: Outcast Island.

Fishlegs: Oh, no. Hiccup is on Outcast Island.

[Scene cuts to Hiccup trying to dig with a rock.]

Mildew: Really, this is so hard to watch.

Hiccup: What now?

Mildew: Well, I just thought Stoick raised a smarter boy than this. You'll never save your dragon by sitting in this cell, digging in the dirt. You need to go get him... and soon!

Hiccup: And how would you suggest I do that?

Mildew: By giving Alvin what he wants.

[Scene goes to Savage and Alvin walking toward the dargons' cage. The Whispering Death is trying to burrow without success.]

Savage: We reinforced the floor with cast iron. And this one only gets enough water to keep it alive.

Alvin: Boy's proven useful already.

Savage: You'd be quite a sight riding into Berk on his Night Fury.

Alvin: I would, wouldn't I? I'll have to change my name. What's worse than "the Treacherous", eh? [He notices that Toothless is unmoving.] What's wrong with the Night Fury?

Guard: He won't eat or drink. He hasn't moved in hours!

Alvin: Well, keep him alive. If he dies, we lose our leverage with the boy.

[Back to Hiccup.]

Hiccup: G-guard, guard! I can't take it! Please! [A guard walks over.] I'll tell Alvin whatever he wants to know. Just let me out of here.

[The guard starts unlocking his cage. When he openes it, Hiccup whacks him across the head with his metal leg. The guard stumbles back against Mildew's cell.]

Guard: Rrrr...

Hiccup: That worked a little better in my mind. [The guard starts approaching him, but Mildew grabs him with his staff. The Outcast guard falls over and the keys skid over to Hiccup, who picks up the keys.] Wow. Thanks.

Mildew: Wait! Take me with you.

Hiccup: You're kidding me, right?

Mildew: No! I know how to get around this island. I can help you, Hiccup. Please... let me make it up to you.

Hiccup: Don't make me regret this, Mildew. [He opens his cell, and they both run out.]

[The next scene shows two Outcast guards trying to feed Toothless.]

Guard One: Try a cod.

Guard Two: I-is it breathing?

Guard One: What, the fish?

Guard Two: No, you simpleton! [slaps him with the fish.] The dragon!  Never mind. Help me with the muzzle. We have to get it to eat. If it dies... we die.

[They pull off the muzzle. Toothless growls and fires a plasma blast at them. Toothless pulls off his binds and escapes, but not before knocking out the guards with his tail.]

[Scene shows Hiccup and Mildew outside.]

Hiccup: Okay, what's the quickest way to get to Toothless?

Mildew: Through that lava field.

Hiccup: Let's go!

Mildew: No, wait! You do realize those are wild dragons down there?

Hiccup: Yep.

[Mildew mutters]

[They see several wild dragons, snarling at each other.]

Hiccup: Well, come on, then, let's go.

Mildew: Uh, let's not.

Hiccup: I know what I'm doing, Mildew. Just stay behind me.

Mildew: Oh, perfect. A 90-pound boy's me human shield. I'm not go... [He trips.] Perfect!

[Scene cuts to Toothless running sniffing the ground. He stops when he sees Outcast soldiers surround him.]

Outcasts: There's the Night Fury!

[Toothless fires blasts in both directions, and runs off.]

[Back to Hiccup and Mildew.]

[They walk past wild dragons. A Deadly Nadder intersepts them and roars. Mildew lifts his staff to strike it.]

Hiccup: No, Mildew! [tosses his stick away.] The last thing you wanna do is threaten him.

Mildew: Me? Threaten him?

Hiccup: W-we have to show him he can trust us. [He walks over to the Nadder, it looks warily at him.] It's okay. We're not here to hurt you. That's it, fella.

Mildew: Very impressive. [The Nadder goes over to him.]

Hiccup: He's just getting to know you. They can sense fear, so be relaxed.

Mildew: [strained] This is relaxed.

Hiccup: See? He wants to be friends. Isn't that nice?

Mildew: Got plenty of friends.

Hiccup: We're gonna need a way to get past all those guards at the dragon pit. [gestures to Flystorm] I think we just found it.

Mildew: Uh, well... [Flystorm licks him.] Eech!

[Scene cuts to the others]

Astrid: What's the plan?

Stoick: Alvin knows we'll be coming in from the sky. We have to find another way onto Outcast Island.

Gobber: Stoick.

Stoick: Is that...

Gobber: I think it is.

[Scene goes to Toothless sniffing the ground. He notices Hiccup's prints and follows them toward Hiccup's empty cell. He growls at the unconscious guard. The guard wakes up.]

Guard: [hides in Hiccup's cell.] A Night Fury... with my own eyes. [Toothless growls and he cowers in fear. Toothless scurries away, still searching for Hiccup.]

[The next scene shows Trader Johann's ship at the Outcast dock. Several Outcasts run toward it excitedly.]

Outcasts: Trader Johann! Trader Johann!

Johann: Ah, Outcast! My favorite of all the islands I travel to! That's right. Look around. I have weapons of every imaginable description. And a little something special for my friend Alvin. [He opens a door, and Stoick, Gobber, and the other dragon riders jump out.]

[They all attack the surprised Outcasts. Tuffnut and Ruffnut jump on top of an Outcast]

Tuffnut: Whoa! Way better than just punching him.

Fishlegs: Aah! [tosses an Outcast overboard.] Haha, That felt really good. Is that wrong?

Stoick: [grabs a soldier.] Now, where's my boy and his dragon?

[Cuts to Hiccup and Mildew.]

Hiccup: Remember, dragon training begins and ends with trust... both of yours. [Mildew pats the dragon.] Now, climb on.

Mildew: What? [Mutters and scrambles onto Flystorm] That's a good boy. Nice dragon. [grunts]

Hiccup: Wow. Uh, Mildew on a dragon. This is gonna take some getting used to.

Mildew: Eh, why's it doing that? What's happening?

Hiccup: It's okay, it's okay! He's just never had people on him before. A dragon's hide is dry. The moisture from your hands will soothe him. [Flystorm takes off and Mildew clings to Hiccup, terrified]

Mildew: Ahh... Wha... oh! What's happening?

Hiccup: Uh, you, uh... hey, okay. Uh, you know there's a lot of dragon here, Mildew. W-why don't you grab some of that?

Mildew: Huh? Oh, fine. I'm fine.

[Toothless sees him leaveing and roars; Hiccup doesn't notice him.]

Hiccup: That's where they have Toothless. [sees an empty cage.] Toothless is gone.

Mildew: Ah! Alvin must have moved him.

[Suddenly, all the dragons' cages open and they come out, snarling.]

Alvin: Let's see what you can do with some real wild dragons, Hiccup.

Hiccup: Mildew, whatever happens in the next minute, do exactly what I tell you.

Mildew: Why? Uh, I'm all ears.

[They climb on Flystorm and dodge the wild dragons' attacks. Alvin laughs. Whispering Death burrows underground.]

Mildew: At least that one's gone!

Hiccup: Well, uh, not for long, actually. Changewings shoot acid. Scauldrons fire boiling water. And Whispering Deaths hunt from underground! [Flystorm starts running with the other dragons after him.]

Mildew: Have you lost your mind?

[The dragons crash, and Flystorm manages to escape.]

Mildew: You know your dragons. I'll give you that. [Thornado comes down.]

Stoick: Hiccup! Oh, thank Thor you're all right.

Hiccup: I am, but Toothless is in trouble.

Tuffnut: And Mildew is on the back of your dragon.

Hiccup: I know.

Tuffnut: Weird!

Gobber: [grabs Mildew.] I should run you through right now.

Hiccup: No, no, no, Gobber! Gobber, no! He helped me escape. Dad, I owe Mildew my life.

Tuffnut: Getting weirder.

Hiccup: I'll explain later. Right now, I have to get to Toothless.

Astrid: Or bring him to you.

Hiccup: [imitates Night Fury call]

[Toothless hears and answers.]

Hiccup: There he is! [jumps off Flystorm and runs to Toothless.] Toothle...! [Toothless jumps on him.] [Hiccup laughs] Are you okay, bud? Oh, I am so sorry, Toothless. This was all my fault. [Toothless suddenly growls.] Whoa. What's the matter, bud?

Alvin: Hey there! Boy! You weren't gonna leave before we finished our business, were you? [Hiccup scowls.] That's what I would expect from Stoick's little runt.

Gobber: Oh, boy.

Stoick: Hiccup!

Alvin: [laughs]

Stoick: Hiccup, no! We got what we came for!

Alvin: Do it, boy. I'm right here! [chuckles] Now! [Outcasts jump out and atack them. Toothless and Hiccup get caught in a bola.]

Gobber: He's down!

Astrid: Dragons, everybody! [turns around and sees the dragons are gone]

Tuffnut: Uh, would love to, but as you can see...

Mildew: Trusting dragons. This is what it gets you.

Astrid: Wait. Look! [The dragons flying after the Outcasts and attack them themselves.]

Tuffnut: Yeah, we taught him that! We didn't teach them that, did we? I didn't think so.

[Stormfly and Hookfang grab Toothless and Hiccup, and bring them back to the others. Stoick and Gobber free them.]

Hiccup: What happened?

Fishlegs: The dragons saved you on their own.

Astrid: Looks like they took their training to a whole new level.

Stoick: We can catch up later. Right now, we need to get out of here.

[Outcasts charge at them, shouting. They mount their dragons. Mildew is clinging to Flystorm's tail.]

Hiccup: Mildew!

Gobber: Ah, for the love of Thor. Mildew, get back up here. Don't you let go, old man.

Mildew: Tell the boy I'm sorry. [lets go.]

Hiccup: Mildew! [He wheels Toothless around.]

[Mildew tumbles to the ground and Outcasts grab him.]

Mildew: Go, Hiccup. You have to leave me. [Outcasts fire crossbows at Toothless.]

Stoick: He's right, son. We can't help him now. [They leave.]

Alvin: Hm. Well, well.

Mildew: Not bad, eh?

Alvin: Not bad at all. Now, tell me, Mildew. What did you learn from Stoick's boy about training dragons?

Mildew: Oh, I learned plenty, Alvin. You're going to be very pleased. [sheep baas] Why, there you are, Fungus. You played your part well.

Alvin: You both did, Mildew. Tomorrow is a new day for the Outcasts. [men cheer]

[scene goes to Hiccup looking at the map to the Isle of Night.]

Hiccup: I'm sorry this map wasn't the real thing, bud. [he drops it in the fire.] But, hey, there's nothing wrong with being one of a kind, right?

Astrid: [opens door] Would you come on? [Hiccup stares] Bork week? The parade?

[scene cuts to the dragon riders flying over Berk.]

Hiccup v.o: A family isn't just something you're born into. It's also the friends who stood with you. The ones who fought by your side. You know that you'll be there for them, and they'll be there for you, for the battles that are yet to come.

[Scene cuts to Alvin taming a Whispering Death.]

[Maniacal laughter]

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