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The Wave Glider is a dragon that is first mentioned in Dragons: Rescue Riders.

Physical Appearance


Wave Glider eggs are as large as a half grown human. They are ovoid as with most eggs, having a wider bottom and a softly tapered top. They are a subdued aqua color with large sea-foam green patches over its surface.

Behavior and Personality

Wave Gliders build their nests from stone on sea stacks. Building them elevated over the sea allows the parents to keep an eye out for predators or other threats. Unfortunately, when the parents are away from the nest, this leaves the eggs vulnerable to the high winds that can whip around the sea stacks at high speeds.


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

In "The Nest", the Rescue Riders find a lost Wave Glider egg at sea, and then search through a storm to find the nest it came from. They find it high on a sea stack and return it safely.


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