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The Water Filter appears in the game, School of Dragons, as part of the player Quest "What a Mess".


The water filter was created by Hiccup after Astrid reported a Deadly Nadder became ill after drinking dirty water. He was inspired by Gobber's yak noodle soup - as he was stirring it, the noodles and kelp stayed in the middle of the bowl, effectively separating it from the rest of the soup. Based on the principle of centrifugation, Hiccup devised a large bowl with an inlet and an outlet, a crank to turn paddles in the water, and a catch basin for debris. In this way, dirty water could enter in the inlet, get spun with the paddles and crank, then exit at the outlet filtered of large debris.



School of Dragons

The Water Filter is a device that appeared in the player Quest "What a Mess". This quest was released in June 2017.



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