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Wasps are insects mentioned briefly in the game School of Dragons.


Wasps are any number of species belonging to the Order Hymenoptera and Suborder Apocrita, along with ants and bees. Specifically, they are any member of Hymenoptera that is not a bee or an ant, as wasps occur in many Families and Genuses that might otherwise be shared with ants or wasps.

Typically, wasps are characterized by large compound eyes, an extremely narrow "waist" connecting the thorax and abdomen, a pair of long thin wings and another shorter pair, and of course the ability to sting. Unlike bees which typically die after stinging because the poison sac comes out of their abdomens, wasps can sting many times with no ill-effect to themselves.

Depending on species, wasps may form social groups or be solitary. Also depending on species, wasps may eat nectar or other plant material, parasitize other insects, or even eat carrion and garbage.

The largest species of wasp are most often called a "hornet" and generally belong to the Genus Vespa. Hornets are found mostly in the Northern hemisphere in North America, Europe, and Asia.


Presently there is no known usage of wasps in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.

However in real life, some wasps are used as non-chemical pest control for crops, as some species kill or otherwise parasitize insect pest species. Environmentally, they are important to keep other insects in check and also serve as important pollinators.



School of Dragons

Stable Quests are available to the player to send their non-active dragons on in order to earn rewards. One Stable Quest called "Pesky Pests" mentions wasps.

Johann lost supplies when he was chased by stinging wasps. Can you send some tough skinned dragons to get them back?
  School of Dragons  

In the "Hidden World" Expansion, Eret, Son of Eret mentions "We've kicked over a hornet's nest", a phrase meaning that he has made a situation worse by agitating something that is already dangerous, in this case breaking into the Warlords' camp on Glacier Island.

Dragons: Rise of Berk

Hornets are referenced in the name of the Deathgripper Grim Hornettle, likely referring to the dragon's color and painful sting.

Other Mentions

The Strike Class dragon Triple Stryke appears to be based off a wasp, a scorpion and a bat.



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