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Wartihog is a young Viking originally from the How to Train Your Dragon book series that appeared in the game School of Dragons.


Class Notes

Wartihog appears in School of Dragons along with Speedifist and Clueless. During the Quest "History of the School", the Headmaster asks the player to retrieve notes from him. For this quest, Wartihog can be found standing outside the Great Hall near the Headmaster.

Hiccup's Tale

In another quest called "Hiccup's Tale", Wartihog wonders how Hiccup and Toothless became friends. He asks the player to talk to Hiccup about it. Hiccup explains using the Scientific Method. For this quest, Wartihog is found at the beach at the Lookout.


Wartihog also appears in the Quest, "Chocolate in a Bottle". Gobber's chocolate has hardened in a bottle and he can't get it out. Heather asks the player to collect chocolate from NPC characters, including Wartihog, to experiment with.

Physical Appearance

Wartihog is a tall, lanky teenage boy. Unlike his book appearance, he lacks pimples on his face. He has short light brown hair and wears a two-horned helmet, with both horns pointing backward. He wears a brown tunic with a belt and a belt and scales that look similar to Stoick's. He wears tan shoulder guards and wears light brown boots.




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