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Warcry is a male Thunderdrum appearing in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Warcry is one of Berk's best defense systems. If he sees an enemy ship, he lets out a roar that reaches across the coast and right into the village. Warcry's powerful roars have provided early warning countless times.
Wardrum spends a lot of time at sea, not just protecting Berk, but protecting his privacy as well. While he gets along fine with other dragons and Berkians, he's a bit antisocial and finds the gentle roll of the waves quite calming.
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Physical Appearance

Warcry is pale yellow, with orange spots and legs. He has a purple line that goes from his snout to his tail, as well as purple spikes. His wings are orange at the base, with the color fading into yellow, white, light pink and purple towards its edges — similar to a rainbow spectrum.

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