With his powerful metallic antlers and thick, rocky hide, this is a Dragon that can go straight through solid rock. [src]
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Wapititan is a Crimson Goregutter that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Wapititan was the favorite companion of the Henderson family, formerly of Traal. When the Chief of Traal passed his decree that Goregutters should be banned, Wapititan was among those unfortunate Crimson Goregutters that were supposed to be exiled. The Hendersons could not stomach the idea and barricaded themselves in their home, barely hiding the massive Wapititan inside their kitchen. The ruse lasted for a week, but Crimson Goregutters are known for their clumsiness. When an errant tail-flick knocked down the back wall of their kitchen, Wapititan was revealed. The alarm was raised and village guards were called in to put the Dragon down.

Five-year-old Jens Henderson stood in the way of the guards, screaming at them to stop, but they merely brushed him aside, breaking his arm in their frenzy to enact the Chief’s decree. Wapititan heard her young companion’s screams and immediately flew into action. Only two guards survived the encounter, and the Hendersons’ home was reduced to a smoldering pile of rubble.

Fearing repercussions, the Hendersons fled the scene, becoming legendary outlaws. The gargantuan size and baneful reputation of their Dragon prevented them from settling in any other village in the area, forcing them into a reclusive life. Eventually, time took its toll and the Hendersons passed away. Wapititan’s lifespan is several times that of a human, and it is said that she waits in the Barrens for a new master who will come to her with love in their hearts.
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Physical Appearance

Wapititan is bright red and black, with dark brown horns and spines. She has yellow eyes.

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