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The Walrus is an animal that appears minimally in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise.


Walruses are large, semi-aquatic mammals with four limbs modified into flippers. They are classified in the Order Carnivora and the Clade Pinnipeda along with seals and sea lions. Walruses are typically brown with a short, flat face with "whisker" pads, and small eyes. They are widely known for the two long tusks, usually occurring in the males, arising from the canines in their upper jaw. The "whiskers" are called vibrissae and are highly sensitive touch organs that they use to navigate.


Walruses have not been used for a specific function in the DreamWorks Dragons Franchise, but in reality, historic Vikings did encounter and utilize them. Humans use Walruses as a source of food and blubber. Their tusks (also referred to as Ivory) are highly prized and was a trade commodity for the Vikings. Walrus hide made excellent durable ropes for use on ships.



The Stowaway

When Hiccup gets home after a long day, he finds Hroar telling his father and Gobber a story. When Hiccup opens the door, Gobber was just asking what happened to the walrus in Hroar's story.

Look And Find: How to Train Your Dragon

In this Activity book, the reader is tasked with finding various items in different scenes related to the How to Train Your Dragon Movie. One scene is in Hiccup's work area, which is littered with drawings and diagrams of saddles, The Mangler, Toothless' tail fin, and a picture of a walrus head. It is unknown why there is a picture of a walrus.

Other Mentions


The dragon species Hotburple was inspired by many animals, including walrus. According to DreamWorks' YouTube Video Series, "The DreamWorks Download", "Grump is a mix of walrus, tadpole, and an old bulldog."



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