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I am Waldondo del Mundo: the first man to sail the seven seas without a boat, to tame a wild boar with the breach of my nose, to live in a pit for an entire year. [src]
  — Waldondo introducing himself  

Waldondo is an adventurer who first appeared in the episode "Treasure Riders".


Hunting the Rescue Riders

In "Treasure Riders", Waldondo planned to capture the Rescue Riders, so that he could profit off of them. He pretended to have found the map to Odin's Gem, a legendary treasure, which he used to search for alongside Marena, and he traveled to Huttsgalor. He quickly gained the Rescue Riders' admiration after he saved Dak and Leyla from a trio of wolves. He reunited with Marena and invited her in his search. She refused, but the Rescue Riders offered to go with him. Marena came along too, and the group took off to the sky. Waldondo told the Rescue Riders about his adventures with Marena, slowly gaining their trust. When they all arrived on the Isle of Lost Vikings, they entered a cave, where the map indicated that the gem would be. Waldondo stepped on a flap, activating a booby trap that the dragons managed to destroy. The group then reached a dead-end, but Marena found a secret lever, which opened to a dangerous hallway. Waldondo asked the dragons to use their fires to deactivate the booby traps. The group then emerged from the cave and found Waldondo's Ship, which he prepared for them. He trapped the Rescue Riders under the deck, and caught Marena in a net, dumping her onto the beach. He then sailed off, and was unknowingly followed by Burple and Marena. Waldondo faced off against Marena, but was ultimately defeated and tied to the mast of the ship. He watched as the Rescue Riders and Marena escaped from him., unable to do anything.

Search for the Golden Dragon

One night, Waldondo infiltrated Svetlana the Sly's ship and stole a map that led to a Golden Dragon. He then headed for Huttsgalor, where he met with the Rescue Riders. They immediately attacked him and trapped him in a barrel as payback for their last encounter. Waldondo was taken to Marena, where the two friends reunited and hugged. Waldondo told the Rescue Riders about the map and the Golden Dragon, warning them of Erik the Wretched, a pirate who was also looking for the dragon's egg. He bid them farewell as they left in their search, yet he secretly followed them. He intercepted them right when they found the island where the Golden Dragon was located. He stole the map from them and trapped them in a cave. He then sailed on his ship, followed closely behind by Erik and Svetlana. The Rescue Riders eventually escaped and stole the map back from Waldondo. Left with no other choice, Waldondo convinced Erik and Svetlana to team up against the Rescue Riders. The three pirates waited on their ships for the Rescue Riders to leave the island. When Cutter and Burple emerged with a golden egg, Waldondo told Jesus, his comrade, to follow the two dragons. He almost caught them, but he was stopped by Marena, with whom he engaged in a duel. They eventually made peace and teamed up against the other pirates. Waldondo told Marena to leave with the Rescue Riders, while he stayed behind and faced off against Erik and Svetlana.

Physical Appearance

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Waldondo del Mundo is a pirate through and through. He will act charming and friendly at first to gain a person's trust and get their help but once they have helped him he will betray them to get what he wants. He is also highly intelligent.

Abilities, Talents, and Skills

Fighting Skills: Waldondo is a very skilled fighter, mostly in hand to hand combat. His main strategy is tiring down his enemies, before gaining the upper hand in a battle. He uses different tricks to confuse his adversaries, so that he defeats them with minimum effort. However, this can sometimes be turned against him, by opponents that know his tactics, such as Marena.

Acting: Waldondo is a good actor and liar, as he was able to trick all of the Rescue Riders, by slowly gaining their trust.

Athleticism: Waldondo can do flips, jumps, twirls, and has fast reflexes. He can use his staff to stay of the ground, which shows great balance and coordination.

Staff: Waldondo has a wooden staff that he uses both as a weapon and as a tool. He often uses it to show off his skills.

Sailing: Waldondo is a good sailor. He owns a ship that he runs by himself.



Walnondo and Marena are old friends and had been on many adventures together through the years. Over time, Marena learned what a double-crosser Walnondo had become and she eventually stops trusting him, but remains friendly with him for old times' sake. Walnondo may have an attraction to Marena as he says "Que lindo" when she bids him farewell, which translates to "How beautiful!".



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