I will not die here in Wrecker's Bay. I shall not be trapped here, on land, for the seagulls and the Vultureclaws to pick my bones, and for my skeleton to be a sad reminder of a dragon who dared to be a rebel, and fought perhaps too fiercely for what he believed in

Vultureclaws are mentioned only once in the Book Series, toward the end of the last book.

Physical Description

Vultureclaws are only mentioned and not described. Based on the passage in which they are mentioned, as well as their name, Vultureclaws may be the dragon version of vultures and have the same function in the ecosystem.


How to Fight a Dragon's Fury'

As Furious begins to die, he announces that he refuses to die on land, where scavenging creatures can feed on his carcass, and instead would rather die in the ocean.

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