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Volley Rock is a sport that first appeared in the Dragons: Rescue Riders episode, "Sick Day".


Dragons: Rescue Riders

Season 1

The Rescue Riders play volley rock during their leisure time, as seen in "Sick Day".

Season 2

In "Summer Holiday", Dak suggested playing Volley Rock during the Rescue Riders' vacation on an exotic island. He quickly dismissed the idea because no one wanted to play with him.

In "King Burple", Burple noticed that Flyhoppers were tossing apples in a similar way to Volley Rock and asked them if they were playing it. However, Oscar told him that their game was called "Pass the Apple".


Volley Rock uses a rock as a 'ball' of no particular shape, but must be of a size that a human can easily throw and hit. The group is divided into two teams on either side of a low wall, marking separation of teams. Each team tosses the rock back and forth until one team looses control of the rock by letting it hit the ground. The rock can be tossed back and forth by any means - hands, mouth, firepower, sticks, or tails. The game can be played with or without keeping score, though how a score is kept is not mentioned.


  • Volley Rock appears to mimic the real-life game of Volleyball.


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