Volcano Island is an island near Huttsgalor, that is first seen in the episode "Hot, Hot, Hot".


Volcano Island is a small unpopulated island, with one active volcano in its center. It has dense forests and vegetation, going up quite close to the mouth of the volcano. It has two visible beaches and lots of cliffs towards its edges. Volcano Island appears to have no fauna, making it an isolate environment.


Dragons: Rescue Riders, Season 2

In "Hot, Hot, Hot", Aggro traveled to Volcano Island while molting, so that she could use the heat of the volcano to speed up the process. The Rescue Riders went after her, fearing that she may be in danger. They discovered Aggro inside of the volcano and asked her to get out. She tried, but she couldn't move her wings due to overheating. The Rescue Riders tried multiple times to get Aggro out of the volcano, including asking Magnus Finke to use his Mechano-Dragon. They finally managed to bring her out by attaching Belzium pieces to Burple, so that he could withstand the heat. Just as Burple grabbed Aggro, the volcano released hot dust, which helped Aggro molt completely. She was able to fly again and carried Burple out. The Rescue Riders then left Volcano Island and returned to Huttsgalor.

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