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He eats lava from the volcano to keep us all safe. If not for him, all of this would burn to the ground. [src]
  — Queen Mala  

Volcanic Eruptodons are a group of Eruptodons that appear in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Formerly, Eruptodons were not frequently seen in the Barbaric Archipelago. Part of the reason for this is their incredibly low reproductive rate. Another reason is that the vast majority of Eruptodons congregate in a single colony in a far away land to the west known as ‘the Caldera of the Yellow Stone’.

This Caldera is located above a massive bubble of magma 30 miles wide, that draws the Eruptodons like bees to honey.

This must be seen as one of the greatest gifts that Dragon kind has ever given to human beings, for without the constant work of the Eruptodons, we would definitely be extinct. If they did not continually eat this magma, it would explode from the earth in a massive volcanic eruption the size of which hasn’t been seen for tens of thousands of years. This event would plunge the entire world into a new ice age as ash clouds block out the light of the sun. Famine and possible extinction would result as sulphurous clouds of acid rain destroy crops and fogs of aerosolized silica suffocate anyone breathing it.

The Eruptodons who congregate around this magma bubble eat enough to prevent this cataclysm from happening, and for this we should be desperately grateful.

Due to the easy access to magmic food in this area, the Eruptodons have been breeding faster than normally. As they breed, they spread out in search of other Volcanoes they can eat. For this reason, some Volcanic Eruptodons are now available for taming. If you have a nice magma field near your home, you can reach out to them in friendship.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Volcanic Eruptodons are light blue, with grey and purple shades under their rocky plates and on their spines. Their eyes are yellow.

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