The Visithugs are a Tribe in the Barbaric Archipelago first mentioned briefly in Book 3, How to Speak Dragonese


The Visithugs, like most of the Tribes in the Barbaric Archipelago, have active blood feuds with other tribes. As of How to Speak Dragonese they have a blood feud with both the Bog-Burglar Tribe and the Hysteric Tribe. Big-Boobied Bertha of the Bog-Burglars taunted Visithug axe-work, offending the entire tribe. With the Hysterics, an arm-wrestling competition became out of control, starting another blood feud.

The Visithugs appear to be, at least in part, shepherds, as Camicazi mentions stealing sheep in Book 4.


How to Speak Dragonese

Camicazi relates that she escaped from the Visithugs without any problems, even though the Tribe was known as being "tough". Visithugs are also listed on the blood feud diagram seen in this Book.

How to Cheat a Dragon's Curse

Camicazi again touts her prowess by stating that she has "burgled whole flocks of SHEEP off the Visithugs".

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