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      The Visithug Territory is one of the islands located in the Barbaric Archipelago.


The island is located in the central part of the northern reaches of the Archipelago. It is of medium size, but many times greater than the Isle of Berk. In the south of the island is a coast line called 'Wild Dragon Cliffs', similarly named as the 'Wild Dragon Cliff' of Berk.

To the west of the the Visithug Territories lies Grimbeard's Despair. To the south lies the Isle of the Skullions and Bashem, while the in the north lies the Frozen Isle of Nowhere. From the west blows the Winter Wind of Woden.


How to Speak Dragonese

The Visithug Territory first appears on the map found at the front of Book 3.

How to Twist a Dragon's Tale

When the Viking Novices are selecting their first riding dragons, Hiccup looks at a scraggly Windwalker. Nobber Nobrains, who is in charge of the Dragon Stables, relates that the dragon was found "caught in a tree during a raid on Visithug Territory." He advises Hiccup not to select the traumatized dragon.


The sleigh was approaching the great black cliffs of the Visithugs Territories far too impossibly fast for it to stop in time ...
  — Book 4  

Gobber is taking the Viking Novices to Mount Villainy for a hunting-on-skis excursion, which is to the South of the Visithug Territory seen on most maps. This may be an error in writing. However, it might be possible the author meant that Villainy is part of the Visithug Territories, which might explain why there is no mention of people living on Villainy.


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