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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Vinland People are first mentioned in Dragons: Titan Uprising, specifically in the description of "Thanksgiving Meatlug." They are the native people living in the far-off land of Vinland.



The Vinland People were the first to celebrate the holiday of Thanksgiving, utilizing the native pumpkins and turkeys of Vinland to do so. Upon establishing contact with the Viking explorer Leif Erikson, they showed him their traditions, stories of which were transported by Erikson back to the Barbaric Archipelago.



  • The Vinland People are meant to represent Native Americans. In actual history, the Vikings were, in fact, the first Europeans to arrive in the Americas, specifically Northern North America, and they did encounter native peoples. There is increasing evidence that Vikings may have arrived in the Arctic North America to hunt for seals and walruses, as well as trade with native peoples, such as the Dorsets or the Thule peoples. Vikings may have even established temporary hunting and treading camps in the northern most Canadian islands. Famously, the Vikings colonized the Southern tip of Greenland led by Erik the Red from Iceland. But as the climate changed, the Viking colony eventually vanished. Erik the Red's children - Lief Ericsson, Thorvald, and Freydis, all visited North America further west. Lief encountered three 'lands' he named Helluland (land of the flat stones), Markland (land of forests), and Vinland (land of wine). These probably correspond with Baffin Island, Labrador, and Newfoundland, respectively. Historic Vikings referred to Native Americans as "skraelings".

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