We were so close to uniting our people. We could have had it all, you and me. We could have been kings among men and Dragons. And now look at us. What’ve we got? Nothing!

Vindjakker is a Windgnasher that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

After being banished from Haukadalr, Eirik the Unscalded sailed to Oxney Island to meet up with his old friend Thorgest. Eirik had lent Thorgest some wooden beams he had carved to have mystical powers. Thorgest had borrowed the beams in order to locate the site of his home, and had subsequently built his house out of them. In order to get his beams back, Eirik had to promise to help Thorgest forge some new ones. The two Vikings sailed to Askeblad Island, where the best trees were known to grow. They felled the mightiest ash tree they could find and hewed the branches off. They spent three days carving the face of Thor into the beam with their axes, and finally it was ready to be burnished. They dragged the log to the top of Dragefjellet mountain, where Dragons are often seen, and waited for one to appear.

They waited for six hours before they were graced with the presence of Vindjakker, curious about the presence of Vikings on Dragefjellet. Eirik and Thorgest thought they needed their beam to be blessed by Dragon fire, but instead, they got the frosty breath of Vindjakker. Taking it as a sign from the Gods, the two Vikings carved the face of Vindjakker into the base of the beam, then Eirik and his crew left Oxney and sailed to Greenland to locate their new home. When close to shore, the beam was thrown into the sea, and where it reached the shore, there they built their home. It is said that Vindjakker visited often, perhaps to catch a glimpse of his portrait.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

Physical Appearance

Vinjakker is magenta with dark purple shades and black and white bumps and spikes. His eyes are icy blue.

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