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In the How to Train Your Dragon book series, several minor and major characters are in the Pirate Training Program. There is a total of twelve Vikings that are consistently mentioned as being part of this program, with Gobber being their teacher and mentor. The only exception is the first book, where only ten Vikings were mentioned, although it can be argued that these ten Vikings were part of the Dragon Initiation Program and not the Pirate Training Program, as the latter wasn't mentioned at all in the first book. They are:

They are all characters from the book, but they aren't mentioned very much.


To be part of the Pirate Training Programme one must have passed the Viking initiation, where the youngsters must steal and train a baby dragon. The dragons that these Vikings have are:

Dragon Name Trainer
Seadragonus Giganticus Maximus Toothless Hiccup
Gronckle Seaslug Dogsbreath
Basic Brown Horrorcow Fishlegs
Monstrous Nightmare Fireworm Snotlout
Gronckle Unknown Wartihog
Eaglefly Unknown Speedifist
Lackwit Unknown Clueless
Eaglefly Unknown Tuffnut Jr.

Other dragons that are trained by Vikings in the programme are:

  • Forktail
  • Snakeheart
  • Bogflyer
  • Alligatiger
  • Brightclaw

Their species or trainers are unknown.

Riding dragons

As part of the programme young Vikings also receive their first riding dragon. At first these dragons are young and their wings weak and unable to fly. The dragons each Viking got are:

Dragon Trainer
Windwalker Hiccup
Chickenpoxer* Fishlegs
Devilish Dervish Snotlout
Marsh Tiger Wartihog
Swiftglider Speedifist
Dimbruiser Clueless
Rocket Ripper Tuffnut Jr.

*Fishlegs later reunites with his mother's dragon, a Deadly Shadow which becomes his riding dragon.

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