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He's using flipping Typhoomerangs as blow torches? [src]

Viggo's Typhoomerangs are four Typhoomerangs who first appeared in "Maces and Talons, Part 2".


Captured by Viggo

At some point before the events of "Maces and Talons, Part 2", Viggo Grimborn and his Dragon Hunters captured all four of these Typhoomerangs.

Later, when Hiccup and the Dragon Riders attempted to break into Viggo's base in an attempt to free Heather and a captured Flightmare, Viggo stationed all four of these Typhoomerangs in front of his base, had them chained down by their necks, and forced them to breathe fire at the riders to block them from entering. Dragon Hunters jabbed their abdomens with spears to get them to fire their tornado blasts. Fortunately, Hiccup was able to figure out how to get past the Typhoomerangs by flying straight through their fire cyclone, with the other riders doing the same. Once they had gotten through the fire cyclone, the riders freed the Typhoomerangs, who flew off into the night. Dagur later reported this to Viggo.

Physical Appearance

Viggo's Typhoomerangs are of typical Typhoomerang shape and build. All have white heads and bellies and white wing edges as is commonly seen in their species. Two are red on their backs and wings, while the other two are a teal-aqua color.

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