Meet our accomplice, Hiccup. The Singetail's only predator: the Skrill. [src]
  — Viggo  

Viggo's Skrill is a male Skrill who first appeared in "Triple Cross".


Tamed by Viggo

After Viggo allied with Hiccup and Toothless, the three went to an unnamed island where Viggo introduced the only predator of the Singetails, the Skrill. While Toothless tried to fire at it, Viggo stopped him and calmed the Skrill down with a metal dagger. He explained that it was how Berserkers used to capture Skrills and tamed the dragon by placing his hand on its head.

Later, the Skrill began to attack a Hunter base, distracting the Dragon Flyers, while Hiccup and Viggo fly inside a cave. Johann then shoots down the Skrill with an arrow and orders his men to chain the dragon up.

While making his escape, Viggo finds the Skrill and frees him with his sword. The dragon then helped Viggo fight his way. When they met with Hiccup and Toothless, the Skrill is present at the conversation and even sniffs Toothless. When Viggo tells them all to go after he reveals he has several arrows in his back, the Skrill refuses. As a group of Dragon Hunters approaches, he charges a huge lightning blast that fills the entire cave. It is unclear if the Skrill survived this, as he was not seen in the rest of the episode.

Physical Appearance

Like other Skrills, this individual is purple and dark blue with a dark gray belly.


Unlike the Frozen Skrill, this Skrill is not very aggressive, and created a bond with Viggo, Hiccup and Toothless very quickly. He is a loyal dragon, as he refused to leave Viggo when the man told him to.


Viggo Grimborn

This Skrill bonded really quickly with Viggo, allowing him to put his hand on its snout. After being freed by the man, the dragon was grateful and remained by Viggo's side during the battle, despite he telling the Skrill to go away.



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