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When Johann and Krogan left me for dead, a Monstrous Nightmare saved me. I spent my whole life hunting dragons, killing them. And I've come to respect them as equals. [src]
  — Viggo  

Viggo's Savior is a Monstrous Nightmare who first appeared in "Triple Cross".


Home Cave-in

This Monstrous Nightmare lived on an unnamed island that formerly held a Dragon Hunter camp within a cave system there. It lived in the caves. One day Johann, Viggo, Krogan, and some Dragon Hunters arrived to find a Dragon Eye lens that Viggo thought might be there. After failing to find the lens, Johann orders the Dragon Flyers to fire on the cave to collapse it, with Viggo still inside. Trapped, Viggo turns and is confronted by this Monstrous Nightmare that is also trapped inside.

Later, Viggo manages to get Hiccup to come to the island and take him away. He reveals that because of this Nightmare, he was saved and developed a new and better outlook on Dragonkind. It is not stated where the Nightmare went after saving Viggo.

Physical Appearance

Viggo's Savior is a multi-colored Monstrous Nightmare with a blue and green shaded base, a white belly, and a red-yellow-green-blue blending on its wings. On top of that are striping and spots in black or very dark gray. It also has a red muzzle.



  • Since Viggo's Savior is a Monstrous Nightmare, it is possible Viggo obtained the Nightmare gel fuel for his Fire Sword from it.
  • It is unknown how Viggo managed to train it, especially as it first appeared extremely aggressive.


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