What is a Fireworm doing this far out? They’re not supposed to be anywhere near our island. [src]

Verdigriff is a Fireworm that appears in the game Dragons: Titan Uprising.

Official Description

Viggo Grimborn, after using the Dragon Eye to uncover the secret of Drottning, sought to create new and more powerful Fireworm Queens that he could use in his army. Although his experiments were ultimately a failure, in that none of the Queens could be controlled, he did manage to alter the hormonal jelly in such a way as to create new forms of Fireworm Queen with the help of some of the Archipelago’s greatest Alchemists. Sif the Shrewd and Hrafnkel Ravenhood were both kidnapped to this end.

Sif the Shrewd took raw Drottning and diluted it in a glass container called a carboy. She stirred the batch with the yeast-infested spoon she always used to trigger fermentation, then allowed the resulting mix to stand for several weeks in an airlocked carboy. The fermentation gradually slowed down, leaving a strong smelling wine in the jar. This wine was then poured into an alembic and gently heated. The vapors from this mixture collected in the retort and slowly dripped into a receiving vessel.

Once enough had accumulated, the resulting liquid was cooled and fed to Fireworm Larvae. The first test group immediately caught fire, burning to cinders. After this failure, Viggo had the Alchemists locked in a tower who’s dry moat was filled with starving bears, promising they would become food for the bears should they fail a second time. Sif worked desperately on her formula, using the entirety of her art in an attempt to save herself from a grizzly death. She formulated a decoction made from herbs and mineral substances known to Alchemists.

Cinnabar was mixed with Blue Vitriol and calcified. The ash was stirred into a menstruum of Litharge diluted in Aqua Regia. The resulting solution was added a drop at a time into a fresh batch of Drottning and gently heated until a bluish phosphorescent glow could be seen when the candles were extinguished.

With a shaking hand, Sif the Shrewd poured a single drop of her tincture into the mouth of a Fireworm larva. This time, it worked. The result was The Verdigriff. She was larger and more powerful than any that had been seen before.

Sif exhaled sharply in relief, saying simply, “through fire, nature is reborn”.
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Physical Appearance

Verdigriff is dark green, with hexagonal patterns of black stripes. She has a pale yellow underbelly and pale horns, with dark green stripes on her neck. She has two black stripes going from her eyes to her tail, one of each side of her body. Her tongue is dark purple and her eyes are bright red.

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