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Although this article is based on canonical information, the actual name of this subject is pure conjecture.

The Vanaheim Bewilderbeast is a deceased dragon whose remains were first seen in "A Matter of Perspective".


When the Vanaheim Bewilderbeast was nearing the end of its life, it chose a small deserted island as its final resting place, where a large, lush island would eventually form over its fossilized remains. Followers of this past dragon and their descendants continued to migrate to this island once their time has come, forming an island-scale dragon cemetery. Future civilizations would call this island Vanaheim, and regard it as a highly sacred place.

On one particular journey, Hiccup and the Dragon Riders travelled to the island, discovering the remains of this gigantic dragon. Hiccup would note that the fossils were bigger then the Red Death.

While the records in the Dragon Eye would first lead the Riders to the conclusion that the King of Dragons was the Titan Wing Dramillion, Fishlegs quickly discovered while reading through Oswald's Diary, that the skeleton on Vanaheim does not match the Dramillion. When taking care of the injured Titan Wing, the riders would then use its unique fire to illuminate the Dragon Eye, revealing that the Dramillion was in fact the key to finding the Bewilderbeast, and its hiding place.

Physical Appearance

The Vanaheim Bewilderbeast has only been seen as a fossilized skeleton, although it likely had a similar appearance to other specimens of its kind.


  • The skeleton's massive size is an error in the series production since the two Bewilderbeasts seen in How to Train Your Dragon 2 are confirmed Titan Wings and are as large as Bewilderbeasts are suppose to get. As the film released three years earlier and was available to reference at the time Vanaheim was concieved, the TV series production team are at fault for the error.

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