May the Valkyries welcome you, and lead you through Odin's great battlefield. May they sing your name with love and fury, so that we may hear it rise from the depths of Valhalla... and know that you've taken your rightful place at the table of kings. ... [src]
  Gobber's final farewell to Stoick  

The Valkyries are female demi-gods who escort warrior Vikings to Odin's side after they arrive in Valhalla after death. So far, they are mentioned only in the How to Train Your Dragon franchise.


Valkyries are Odin's helping spirits, choosing the slain Vikings who are worthy to join him in Valhalla, and later aiding him in the battle of Ragnarok. They are traditionally said to be very beautiful, and even seduce human warriors with their charms. But, as they depend on the deaths of mortals for their existence, they can also be seen in a sinister light, rumored to sing and dance with glee while surrounded by horrific scenes of carnage.[1]


Dragons: Race to the Edge

Season 5

In "Snotlout's Angels", though not directly addressed, it is suggested that Snotlout Jorgenson thinks he's dead and has arrived in Valhalla, and that the Wingmaidens who greet him when he awakes are Valkyries.

How to Train Your Dragon 2

The Valkyries are mentioned during the funeral of Stoick the Vast, by Gobber the Belch.


Dragons: Titan Uprising

... Yet the few Vikings who have managed to ride on Coldreign say it was an exhilarating experience worthy of the fiercest Valkyrie!
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

The Valkyries are mentioned in the description of the Snow Wraith Coldreign.


  • It is possible that Valka's name was inspired by the Valkyries.


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