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My rattle staff began as a crude way for me to communicate with the dragons in our Bewilderbeast's nest, until I learned their wonderful and wordless ways. The sound made by the bits of shell and bone soothed Cloudjumper and the rest, whereas the high-pitched whistle it makes when I swirl my staff in the air brought the dragons to me in times of battle. [src]
  — Valka  

Valka's Staff is her main weapon in the second film, as she uses it to call, command, and hook onto dragons, as well as fight off enemies


After living with the dragons for twenty years, Valka developed the needed skills to wield a double-hooked quarterstaff with an array of noise makers carved from it. She uses the hooked ends as a means of aerial navigation. The club can be used as a weapon in combat and as a means of signaling orders to the dragons in her den and hooking onto their talons, horns, and humps.

Valka had used the staff's noise makers with a gentle shake to command the den's dragons to light up the cave, so her son and his dragon can see each other better. She was even shown to be able to move it and herself graciously with the dragons, as her Stormcutter, Cloudjumper helped her down and when she danced around the hovering dragons, as she showed her son how she is one of them.

Valka also used it during the battle of Valka's Mountain. She used it to call the den's dragons into battle by swirling it in the air and pointing at her intended target, and to defend herself against Drago Bludvist. However, she lost it when Drago knocked her down. However, she was shown to have reclaimed the staff in The Serpent's Heir.

Hiccup applies Monstrous Nightmare gel to the various weapons of the Riders in Dragonvine, including Valka's staff. They use it to fend off a group of frenzied Silkspanners.

Valka continued to wield her staff when accompanying the Dragon Riders on journeys and missions, even after the dragons depart for the Hidden World.


The advantage of double hooks.gif

Hooks: The two double hooks allow Valka to hook onto other dragons and defend them from trappers. They also help her in latching onto objects before swinging herself from them.

Valka uses its staff to command the dragons to light the cave.gif

Dragon Communication: The staff has holes and rattles that make sounds that only dragons can understand. These include sounds to attack, come, and to fire.

Combat : Valka also uses the staff as a weapon.

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  • The staff appears in the game, Dragons: Rise of Berk as a collectible in completing collections.
  • The staff appeared in the game, School of Dragons as a Legendary weapon available only on Mother's Day.

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