I would have followed them, but there are some hatchling Terrible Terror eggs that need my urgent attention. If you thought their rooftop singing was bad, wait until you hear a newborn Terror crying!
  — Valka in School of Dragons  

Valka's Hatchling Terrors are mentioned briefly only once, in the game School of Dragons.


At some unknown point during the School of Dragons timeline (after How to Train Your Dragon 2), a Terrible Terror laid eggs on the Isle of Berk. After an unknown amount of time, the eggs begin to hatch, with Valka watching over the newborns.

Physical Appearance

There is no description for Valka's Hatchling Terrors, with not even any names or genders being given.



School of Dragons

Valka's Hatchling Terrors are mentioned during the Quest Back in the Saddle Again, Part 1. Valka states that these Terrors prevented her from following the erratically flying Fishlegs and Meatlug.

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