Hi, I usually don't blog or post but i figured I will now since httyd reached out to me over the years in a way I didn't think possible, and not to me alone, so I do hope I'm speaking for majority of the people here.

Httyd is a unique trilogy along with its spinoff series such as RoB and DoB, followed by a sweet, and fulfilling, (on many levels), RttE. 

I heard rescue riders is coming out in 2019, which has talking dragons and potentially leaves out the old gang of hiccup and astrid and fish legs, etc..... . This for me and maybe so many others feels wrong, not special enough to want to watch simply because hiccup and astrid and the old gang is left out.

Httyd is made special because of all of this, this being the gang:hiccup fish legs etc... and it's unique story line which was approached during these 9 years.

Change can mean good in many situations, but when something works, you don't necessarily need to change.

If rescue riders is in production and has talking dragons and loses the gang, well, it is what it is.

But for all the passinate fans out there, myself included, don't lose us by letting an amazingly hard worked and exceptionally well created universe die, these sort of storylines and inspiration comes once in too long of a time, don't let this success die, so much more can be told in the hiccup toothless astrid fish legs etc...universe. 


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