aka Jake

  • I live in Denver, CO
  • I was born on June 16
  • I am Male

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Melody Island 1


Hello everyone!!! Very few of you know me by my YouTube channel Jake the Blue. Yes the one with the angry bird as an avatar with 21 subscribers. But anyways, for those of you who don't know me, i'll give you a little of my backstory and bio to get you caught up with my current details.


I am basically your above average 14 year old who lives in Colorado, USA. I am a very friendly person and a great friend to have! I am an A-B student in school. I have dark brown hair and eyes, and an awesome personality! I am a big fan of dubstep and electronic music. Some of my favorite artists are AU5, Pegboard Nerds, "Tobu, Desmeon, and Tristam.

I am a very, VERY curious person, I love to get into things. My curiosity has led me to be an amateur at many things like coding, Minecraft modding, and game development. I also love math and science; I cant get enough of it! That is another thing my curiosity has led me to. I have switched between Chemistry, Cosmology, Astrology, Physics, Robotics, Engineering and Computer Programming! I guess you could say that I pretty much know a little bit about each branch of science I have mentioned above. And all by the power of just ONE web sight, my curiosity EXPLODED about 6 years ago. The website is Khan Academy. I could not say which of the branches of science is my favorite, because they are all good! Another thing about my curiosity level is my cooking, I don't know much about it, but I do know a few recipes! Some of them are: Pancakes, French Toast, Eggs and Bacon, and most of the other breakfast items.

My Fan Side

I am a HUGE fan of HTTYD! I have watched all of the movies, shorts, and episodes. I am not THE biggest fan out there because I don't really have any interest of the merchandise (except for the dragon plushies XD). My favorite dragon is... well... the Death Song, of course, lol! I like the Death Song in particular because of its way of capturing its prey, its incredible strength, and how it looks. It kind of looks like a butterfly to me. My favorite classes are the Mystery Class, Tidal Class, Strike Class, and Sharp Class.

My Island



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