aka Jacky

  • I live in Breakneck Bog, Barbaric Archepeligo
  • My occupation is Dragon Trainer-Death Song Trainer
  • I am A gurl


I'm a weird random gurl on this wiki. Can't remember when I joined. Some time in early 2018 or late 2017 maybe? Iay eakspay igpay atinlay

== Random Things About Me==

  • I'm a brunette
  • I also like WOF, Marvel, and PJ and HoO
  • I have an odd facination with pickles


Other Things:

Favorite Animal(s): Horse, Lion, Doggo, Dragon

Hobbies: Drawing, writing, reading, playing video games, climbing trees, hiking, making campfires, and smelting

Favorite Song(s): Dream(Imagine Dragons), Caffiene (Jeff Williams feat. Casey Lee Williams)

Favorite Color(s): Navy Blue, Lime Green

Home Country: Amurica. wish it was England dou

Favorite Dragon: Deathsongs!!!

Favorite Character(s): Ruff & Tuff, Garff, Hookfang

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