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The Polar Thunderclaw has been used for centuries by the aboriginal peoples of the Frozen Tundra as sled beasts. The Uruz Tribe, centered in Woden's Bathtub, are particularly fond of Polar Thunderclaws, treating them with almost god-like reverence. They adorn the Thunderclaws' harnesses with semi-precious stones arranged in the form of the stellar constellations that point at the North Star. In their folk tales, Woden's sled rides out on the longest night of the year, pulled by a team of Thunderclaws and delivering gifts of either death or enlightenment to the people of the Barbaric Archipelago.
  Dragons: Titan Uprising  

The Uruz Tribe is first mentioned in the game, Dragons: Titan Uprising, specifically in the description of the Polar Thunderclaw. They are one of the Native peoples living in the Frozen Tundra region.



Unlike the majority of Viking cultures, the Uruz did not have an antagonistic relationship with dragons. They were viewed at the least as animals significant to religious beliefs, as well as useful beasts to everyday living. In particular, the Uruz tamed the Polar Thunderclaw to pull sleds. Harnesses were adorned with jewels to mimic constellations centered around the North Star. It is unknown if the Uruz revered and utilized dragons in other ways, such as a respected food source or as riding animals.

Belief System

The Uruz appear to have a Germanic-based religious system, or at least in part. They do include Woden, a Germanic God who is also synonymous with Odin in Norse Mythology.

The story involving Thunderclaws relates that Woden's sled is pulled by a team of Thunderclaws during the longest night of the year (this corresponds with Eternal Night or Winter Solstice) to deliver either the gift of enlightenment or the gift of death to all in the Barbaric Archipelago.



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